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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Perfect Gift for the Graduate in Your Life

The Perfect Gift for the Graduate in Your Life

It’s a bittersweet moment when your child goes out on their own, either graduating high school and moving on to dorm life in college, or getting a ‘real job’ after college graduation. What kind of gift would you get them to commemorate such an important occasion? Here are a few suggestions to help.

For the High School Graduate


They are going to be entering a new phase in their life, one that may be both exciting and scary (for them as well as you). If they will be living on a college campus, you have numerous options for gifts. Here is a list in a wide price range:


-Small refrigerator – they will appreciate having snacks and cold sodas handy for late night studying

-New laptop for all of the reports they will be doing

-Portable fan for white noise; dorms can be loud

-Luggage to make it easy for them to pack and come home on weekends

-A set of gift cards for local restaurants in the college town

-A bed-rest pillow for long nights of studying on their bed

-A thick mattress pad or a feather mattress to add comfort to thin dorm mattresses


Many of these gifts are practical, whether they go to college or get a job. Teens that will be living on their own will be excited to get things that they can use, and will see it as a sign that they are now adults.

For the College Graduate

After four or more years of intense studying (and having fun), it is time for them to enter the real world of jobs and paying bills. How can you find a gift to help them with that? Here are some practical ideas:


-Pay for a moving truck. It is expensive to move, especially since they would have accumulated a lot of stuff.

-Gym membership. They will be living on a budget, but that doesn’t mean they should neglect their health.

-A new laptop. If an old computer survived all of their college years, it is time to update. This can be expensive on an entry-level salary.

-Rent. Help them out with rent for the first few months until they get started in their new job.

-A trip. This may be the last one they will be taking for a few years, and it can celebrate the end of an era.

-Household items. If they have been living at home or in the dorm, they may need furniture, or appliances like a microwave or coffeemaker. 

-Clothing gift card. They may need professional’s clothes (which can be expensive) for their new job.


You can buy nice mementos or keepsakes that remind them of this stage in their life. But if you are looking for a way to help them with their future journey, these ideas make a great graduation gift.  

The Perfect Gift for the Graduate in Your Life

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