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Friday, November 30, 2012

The holiday shopping season has started on Rodeo Drive.

Malibu's connection with Hollywood celebrities.

Posted on Nov 22, 2012 05:44 AM EST

Malibu's connection with Hollywood celebrities

Malibu - the beach city in Southern California. more big
(Photo : Malibu's connection with Hollywood celebrities

Malibu, the beach city in Southern California has an interesting association with Hollywood stars. It is a place that many actors call home. There are many stars- home tours on offer, reports Malibu Times.

The stars have lived in Malibu since the 1930's. "There has always been a fascination with Malibu. It represents the ultimate California beach celebrity lifestyle," said Philip Ferentinos, director, StarLine Tours Company.

Ozzy Osbourne, Ryan O'Neal, Robert Redford, Whoopi Goldberg and David Spade all have beachfront homes there. Tourists have spotted Angelina Jolie at Malibu many a times, reports Malibu Times.

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There are some other A-list stars who own homes in Malibu like Charlize Theron, Janet Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Bruce Willis and the list goes on. However, Charlize Theron, in 2011, listed her beautiful beach house for $7.5 million which she had bought for $3,495,000 in 2003. 

Leonardo's Malibu house is on sale with a price tag of $23 million! Earlier, the star had listed the place for rent at $75,000 a month. The house has four bedrooms and faces the ocean. It has a guest house and an additional two bedrooms. The Titanic star owns another house in Malibu.

In 2011, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt listed one of their Malibu houses for $13.7 million. The 4,100 square foot mansion has private access to beach. It has a tennis court, a pool and a grand garden. 

Malibu, till late 1930's was an exclusive property of the Rindges family. The family faced a financial crisis and was forced to invite celebrities to build vacation homes. So this is how it started and now Malibu is a great place for celebrity real estate investment. It is an exclusive colony for the rich and famous or "colonyites" as they like to call themselves.

Malibu's connection with Hollywood celebrities.

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Beverly Hills Holiday Happenings Around Town This Week.

Beverly Hills Holiday Happenings Around Town This Week.

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LOCAL EVENTS: Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

A Holiday Salute to Danny Kaye

Wednesday, December 5, 7 pm
Paley Center for Media, 465 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills

Actor, singer, dancer, gourmet chef, symphony conductor, trailblazing humanitarian--Danny Kaye was a true renaissance man, and remains one of the most enduring and inspiring entertainment icons. On the occasion of the launch of a year-long celebration marking the centennial of his birth, and the recent DVD release of Christmas with Danny Kaye, a special collection of classic holiday-themed episodes of his Emmy-winning variety series The Danny Kaye Show (CBS, 1963-67), the Paley Center presents a memory-filled salute featuring rare clips and a panel of friends, his daughter, colleagues, and admirers in conversation.

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Beverly Hills

Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal

Saturday, December 8, 2 pm
Paley Center For Media, 465 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills

Karen Falk, Archives Director, The Jim Henson Company; Curator, The Jim Henson Legacy / Smithsonian traveling exhibition "Jim Henson's Fantastic World". A book signing will follow the program. Sharing entries from Jim Henson's journal and showing classic film and television clips that illuminate his extraordinary genius, Karen Falk, The Jim Henson Company Archivist, presents Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal. This event is FREE, but reservations are required.

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Beverly Hills

Television Out of the Box

Wednesdays through Sundays 12:00 to 5:00 pm
Paley Center for Media, 465 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills

Warner Bros. Television is teaming up with The Paley Center for Media to take the TV out of the box, inviting all to peer inside with the new interactive, multimedia museum exhibit. Exhibit Features Props, Costumes, Photos, Set Pieces, Video Clips, Photo Ops, and Original Animation; Runs for 3 Years with New Items Added Periodically.

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Beverly Hills

Farmers' Market with Kids Zone

Sundays in November, 9 am - 1 pm
9300 Block of Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills

Every Sunday in November is Kid Zone Sunday featuring pony rides and petting zoo. Bring the whole family for music, food & fun.

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Beverly Hills

Santa & Snow at Two Rodeo

Fridays, November 23 through December 21
Two Rodeo, N. Rodeo Drive & Dayton Way, Beverly Hills

Santa Claus visits the Wilshire Fountain at Two Rodeo for complimentary visits throughout the holiday season. Each time Santa makes his visit, snow will fall from the rooftops!

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Celebrate the Season

From Mom Agenda

Stay Organized with Holiday Printables

FREE holiday printable sheets.

Don't let the holidays get you down, frustrated or crazed! Stay organized with FREE simple organizing sheet From Gifts Lists to Holiday Card sheets...take a look at a simple holiday helper.

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It's that time of year...

Television Holiday Movie Guide

Set your DVR. Make some popcorn and sit back with the family to enjoy some of this year's holiday classics. Follow the link to find your favorite show and Enjoy the Holidays.

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LOCAL EVENTS: Pacific Palisades

Shop with your Heart

The SPIRAL Foundation Holiday Bazaar

Saturday & Sunday, December 8 & 9
Private Home in Pacific Palisades - Read more for map & directions.

You will find a meaningful gift for everybody on your shopping list. 100% of proceeds from sales are returned to the beneficiaries of Spiral's humanitarian aid projects. Your purchase will not only help the artisans who made the gift items, but also many others in even greater need. Since items are made from recycled material, they are a gift to the environment.

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Upcoming Events


Messiah Sing-Along

Monday, December 17, 7:30 pm
Walt Disney Concert Hall, 111 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles

The annual Messiah Sing-Along packs the house each year! With an orchestra and soloists on stage, you, our audience, are the chorus for this joyful community event. Whether you sing along or just come to listen to this Christmas favorite, this festive occasion will bring you holiday cheer. Bring your own score or buy one in the lobby for $10. Join the carolers in BP Hall right after the concert to extend this favorite holiday tradition. Hallelujah!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coldwell Banker New Listings and Open Houses in This Weekend's VIEW is Online Now!

Coldwell Banker New Listings and Open Houses in This Weekend's VIEW is Online Now!
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CLICK HERE to view it in your web browser

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Photos from the Bal de Debutante at he Hotel de Crillon in Paris.

Photos from the Bal de Debutante at he Hotel de Crillon in Paris.

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On Nov 24, 2012, at 10:03 PM, Donald M. Tallarico wrote:

How is Paris ? Bal?

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So excited for the Bal de Débutante to begin.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

REAL Trends Video Housing Market Report Released November 2012 | Real Trends

REAL Trends Video Housing Market Report Released November 2012

Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Housing Market Reports, RT Blog | 0 comments

REAL Trends Video Housing Market Report Released November 2012 | Real Trends

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Gourmet Tips for Your Thanksgiving Feast.

Gourmet Tips for Your Thanksgiving Feast

This year, the family is finally coming to your house for Thanksgiving, which means you’ve got to put together the perfect feast. In your ambition, you’ve invited your neighbors and colleagues from work. The time has now come to prepare your menu and get everything ready for a streamlined, fantastically flavored Thanksgiving feast. Here are our gourmet tips for spicing up your turkey, gravy, and desserts. 


How to Roast the Perfect Turkey

The turkey is the star of your feast, so you want to make sure it’s perfectly moist, browned, and flavored. Before you even think about cooking the turkey, pull it out of the deep freeze and let it defrost for at least three days. If you bought your big bird fresh, then you don’t have to worry about defrosting. The turkey will roast more evenly if you keep stuffing to a minimum. Add a handful of onions, garlic, and carrots or a few sprigs of fresh herbs to enhance the aroma. In terms of seasoning, less is more. Brush the surface of the turkey with olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper. Then tightly cover the turkey in aluminum foil to prevent the over-browning. For a more exotic flavor for your turkey, try this recipe for Maple Roasted Turkey with Sage Smoked Bacon

Schedule Your Cooking

If you’re creating a feast worth boasting about, then you’re sure to have multiple side dishes, casseroles, breads, desserts, and appetizers, not to mention the turkey itself. Consider how much time and space is required for each recipe; you have to buy, prep, and cook ingredients for each recipe. You only have a finite amount of oven, stove top, and counter space, so creating a cooking schedule is essential. Start with what you can make in the days before the big day. Prepare ingredients and cook as much as you can so that you don’t have to do anything but reheating or light mixing and baking on the day of the event.

Enlist Helpers

On the day of the big feast, ask your children, nieces, and nephews to help set the table, locating extra tables and chairs if need be. You can also ask each person you invited to bring one or two small side dishes. Guests are often delighted to share favorite family recipes or Thanksgiving traditions, so let them! A dish brought by a guest means less work for you. 

Appetizers to the Rescue

Turkey roasting running a little late? Have appetizers ready to go when your guests start arriving. If the turkey is taking longer than expected, your guests will wait much more patiently if they’ve got some munchies to tide them over until it’s ready. Here are a few suggestions for gourmet appetizers: cheese board, assorted olive and pickle tray, spiced nuts, deviled eggs or chips with spinach dip.

Gourmet Tips for Your Thanksgiving Feast.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Report: China 'Affluent' Population to Hit 280 Million by 2020.

As China looks to shift its export-dependent economy to a greater reliance on domestic consumption, one number is in its favor: 280 million.

That’s the total number of affluent consumers China is expected to have by 2020 – more than doubling the current total of 120 million — according to a new study by consultancy Boston Consulting Group.

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
A woman uses a mobile phone as she stands next to statues in a popular shopping district in Beijing on June 27, 2012.

BCG describes as affluent people with annual household disposable incomes of between $20,000 and $1 million. The upper affluent — those earning between $40,000 and $1 million per year — will account for 40% of the 280 million, the BCG study said. (BCG puts people whose families have disposal incomes over $1 million per year in a separate category, high net-worth individuals.)

China has been trying for years to get its people to spend more, in part to wean the world’s No. 2 economy off export-led growth at a time of falling consumption abroad. But regular Chinese workers, unsettled by the country’s meager health care and pension systems, remain reluctant to part with their money. That leaves the wealthy as the best hope for gains in domestic consumer spending in the short- and medium term.

The report, based on interviews with 3,000 affluent individuals, says most of China’s current affluent population are under 45 years old and arrived at their position after spending at least five years toiling away as members of the middle class. They have different spending habits than the middle class, putting more emphasis on “emotional satisfaction” and less on utility when deciding to make a purchase.

The affluent will propel 40% of China’s consumption growth and will comprise 35% of all consumer spending in 2020, up from 24% last year, according to BCG. Their spending will grow fivefold to $3.1 trillion in the next eight years.

Every business—from the usual luxury suspects down to the shampoo sellers and travel agents—will be looking to cash in. But it won’t be easy, the BCG study says, adding that wealth will be far more scattered around the country, with 75% of future affluent consumers coming from China’s smaller, lower-tier cities.

The country’s wealthy are also becoming more split, with the veterans no longer interested in flashy, logo-laden products and the newbies wanting all the glimmer, BCG says.

Further complicating the picture is the growth of a new generation who inherited their wealth, rather than accumulating it on their own. The silver spoon set will comprise 30% of the affluent in five years, up from its current 10%, the data said. These consumers are fickle, rejecting the products their parents use, wanting exclusive but unique products.

That leaves a major task-list for corporations. Businesses will need to rethink their strategy, outlining expansion, split marketing or product lines, an extreme understanding of the Web and social media and basically what it means to be hip in China, the BCG study said.

– Laurie Burkitt, with contributions from Lilian Lin

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Report: China 'Affluent' Population to Hit 280 Million by 2020.

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Views of Beverly Hills, Century City & LA from the Beverly West Residences.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pre Thanksgiving shopping at the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market.

Do It Yourself - Thanksgiving "Thankful Tree"


If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice. M. Eckhart

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Unlike Christmas, there’s no stress of running around for weeks prior buying presents, usually no snow preventing us from traveling and spring is still so far away that I don’t feel guilty about every calorie I consume during our delicious feast.

Most importantly, Thanksgiving is the time where we have an opportunity to reflect on our blessings and be grateful for all that we have. At our home, everyone at the table gets the opportunity to share what they are grateful for. This exchange often leads to laughter, smiling and sometimes grateful tears.

I love the idea of expressing gratitude both in spoken and written word and found a fantastic way to display “thankfulness” in your home from JDC.

JDC created a set of cards to help encourage thankfulness at the table. Put one “thankful card” at each place setting at the the Thanksgiving table and have your family and friends fill them out and share with each other.

thanks1 DIY Thanksgiving Ideas – “Thankful Tree”

thanks2 DIY Thanksgiving Ideas – “Thankful Tree”

After the cards are read collect them and turn them into tags and hang them on your thankful tree. These become instant treasures and can be hung each year.

thanks 3 DIY Thanksgiving Ideas – “Thankful Tree”

This is a great conversation starter and if you have “comedians” in your family like I have in mine you will get a laugh or two out of it. Kids and their unpredictability always add a fun twist as well. Pay special attention to their adorable spelling.

thanks4 DIY Thanksgiving Ideas – “Thankful Tree”

You can continue this tradition each year, with the rule that you can not repeat the same thing from a past years card. Your guests will look forward to seeing their cards from past years and watching your tree grow with gratitude each year.

thanks5 DIY Thanksgiving Ideas – “Thankful Tree”

Having a “thankful tree” is a great way to instill the importance of having a thankful heart in each of your guests hearts regardless of their age.

Learn how to make these tag: read more.

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  3. Coldwell Banker Holiday TV Spot – Crowded House

Do It Yourself - Thanksgiving "Thankful Tree"

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen Returns To Los Angeles Philharmonic to Honor Witold Lutoslawski

Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen Returns To Los Angeles Philharmonic to Honor Witold Lutoslawski

Nov 16, 2012 04:57 PM EST | O'Jay Burgess

Esa-Pekka Salonen

(Photo : Reuters) Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen to honor famed Polish musician Witold Lutoslawski.

Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen returns to take command of the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Lutoslawski Centenary's opening night on Nov. 30 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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The event will go from Nov. 30 to Dec. 9 and honors the life of Polish musician Witold Lutoslawski.

Salonen pays tribute to the pianist on the night by leading the orchestra through Lutoslawski's "Symphony No. 1," and "Fanfare for the Los Angeles Philharmonic." These two pieces are sandwiched between Beethoven's "King Stephen Overture" and "Symphony No. 2."

A recipient of the Order of the White Eagle Poland's highest honor, Witold Lutoslwaski was born into nobility in Poland in 1915. His family owned estates in the area of Drozdowo in Poland in which he frequently stayed. Growing up in war-torn Europe his native Poland was at the middle conflict in World War I and saw him move around most notably to Russia.

After a newly independent Poland was established Lutoslwaski returned to his homeland where he studied the piano and composited at the Warsaw before enlisting in secondary school 1924. Three years later Lutoslwaski found himself studying as a part-time student at the Warsaw Conservatory.

Some of his earliest pieces revolve around Polish folk music. Although regarded as mainly a cabaret pianist, the Pole was a conductor and composer  who was involved in a number of symphonies and forming his own string quartet.

His relationship with the Los Angeles Philharmonic began in 1993 a year before his death. Lutoslawski composed and conducted for the orchestra. The Polish maestro was well travelled and orchestras around the wold include his works in their repertoire. He's regarded by some as one of the greatest pianist.

Lutoslawski Cello Concerto 1- Nicolas Altstaedt

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Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen Returns To Los Angeles Philharmonic to Honor Witold Lutoslawski

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Celeb Digs - Jane Fonda Buys Beverly Hills Mansion For $7.3 Million

Jane Fonda Buys Beverly Hills Mansion For $7.3 Million

November 16, 2012 11:03 AM


Jane Fonda and her husband Richard Perry have purchased a Beverly Hills mansion for $7.3 million.

The 7,513 square-foot estate boasts 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a Neoporte front door, high ceilings, glass elevator, vaulted ceilings and a stacked stone fireplace.

Since the workout queen supports environmental causes, the home is also equipped with photo voltaic panels connected to the Edison grid, a solar heated pool, ventless fireplaces fueled by eco-friendly bio-ethanol, thermal glass and double-glazed UV windows.

The home also included a chef's kitchen, zen-like yard and stunning pool. We can't forget the ocean views, too!

See more of the stunning spread in our gallery below.


Celeb Digs - Jane Fonda Buys Beverly Hills Mansion For $7.3 Million

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