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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beverly Hills Master Architects Approved.


The Beverly Hills City Council voted unanimously on January 10 to adopt an ordinance which will help protect the city’s irreplaceable historic and cultural resources. The ordinance followed several recent losses of modernist structures including John Lautner’s Shusset Residence and the Beverly Hills Friars Club, as well as the proposed demolition of Richard Neutra’s Kronish House (pictured).  The ordinance called for a list of “Master Architects” to be produced and was open to public comment.

The ordinance defines “master architect” as “[a]n architect of recognized greatness in the field of architecture who is included on the list of such architects compiled by the Cultural Heritage Commission, and updated from time to time.”

This past Tuesday, the list of ”master architects” was accepted by Beverly Hills City Council and includes the following :

Ache, William
Adams, Charles Gibbs (landscape)
Ain, Gregory
Allison & Allison
Arganbright, C.S. (builder)
Austin, John C.
Becket, Welton
Beckett, William S.
Black, Eric
Bollenbacher, Walter (builder, developer)
Buff, Straub, and Hensman
Burgess, Carlton L. (builder)
Byers, John
Byrd, Robert
Carpenter Bros., Inc.
Clements, Stiles O.
Coate, Roland
Colcord, Gerard
Cook, Wilbur D. (landscape architect)
Cornelius, James (contractor, builder)
Curlett, Aleck
Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall
Davis, Walter and Pierpont
Dentzel, E.P. (developer, builder)
Derrah, Robert B.
Dickason, James H. (developer, builder)
Dolena, James A.
Dorman, Richard
Dryden, Thomas Nathaniel
Eggers, Henry
Ehmcke, Casper
Eisenstadt, Sidney
Ellwood, Craig
Farquhar, Robert
Fickett, Edward H.
Flewelling, Ralph C.
Froehlich, Arthur
Gable and Wyant
Gage, William J. (also with Harry Koerner)
Gehry, Frank
Gibbs, Hugh
Gogerty, Henry (Hank) L.
Green and Green
Grey, Elmer
Gruen, Victor (Gruen Associates)
H.C. Chambers
Harris, Harwell, Hamilton
Holmes and Sanborn
Honnold, Douglas (Honnold and Russell)
Houseman Brothers (builder)
Hudson, W. Asa
Hunt, Myron
Hunt, Sumner P. (also with Silas Reese Burns)
Hunter, Paul
J.H. Hillock and Son (builder)
Johnson, Kaufman, and Coate (firm and individually)
Johnson, Reginald
Jones, A. Quincy
Kaufmann Gordon B.
Kelley, H. Roy
Kelly, Arthur (also with Joe Estep)
Kennedy, Frederick Jr.
King, Richard F.
Koerner and Gage
Kolyar, Clinton B.
Krisel, William
Ladd, Thornton
Laszlo, Paul
Lautner, John
Lee, S. Charles
Levitt, Harold
Lincoln Mortgage Co. (developer, builder)
Lotery, Rex
Luckman, Charles
Lumsden, Anthony
Lundberg, Armet & Davis
Lustig, Alvin
M. Burgbacher and Sons (builder, developer)
MacLean, George
Marston and Van Pelt (also with Edgar Maybury)
Marston, Carl
Marston, Sylvanus
Martin, Albert C.
Marx, Samuel
May, Cliff
McCarty, Walter G. (developer, builder)
Meier, Richard
Milwaukee Building Co.
Moore, Charles
Morgan, Julia
Morgan, Walls, and Clements
Neff, Wallace
Neutra, Richard
Nordstrom and Anderson
Oliver, Henry
Pacific Ready-Cut Homes, Inc. (builder, developer)
Parker, Max (art director)
Parkinson, John and Donald
Peck and Canfield (developer)
Pei, I.M.
Pereira and Luckman
Pereira, William
Pillsbury, A.C. (engineer)
Price, Roy Sheldon
Priteca, B. Marcus
Riesenberg, Herbert (developer, builder)
Riverre, Rene (builder)
Rothenberg, Albert (developer, builder)
Russell, Vernon H.
Salisbury, Bradshaw and Taylor
Sheets, Millard (designer)
Shindler, Rudolph
Siple, Allen
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Smith & Williams
Smith, Louis A.
Stanberry, F.E.
Starkman, Maxwell
Staunton, William F. Jr.
Stephenson, William
Stone, Edward D.
Stone, Hicks
Taylor and Taylor (Edward Gray and Ellis Wing)
Taylor, Arthur
Thiene, Paul (landscape)
Trousdale, Paul (developer, builder)
Van Pelt, Garrett
Verge, Gene
Waldo M. (builder)
Walker and Eisen
Walker, Rodney
Webber, Staunton, and Spaulding
Werner, Harry E.
Weyl, Carl Jules
Wilkinson, Marshall
Williams, Paul R.
Winslow, Carlton
Wong, Gin (with William Pereira & Associates)
Woolf, John Elgin and Robert Koch
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wright, Lloyd
Yolk, Florence

 The list is flexible and open to further evaluation by the Cultural Heritage Commission. Check out the full backstory and details including a video of the discussion from the January 10th meeting on the LA Conservancy Advocacy page.

Beverly Hills Master Architects Approved.

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