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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Exciting Things To Do In California.

Things to do in California always make you confused because they are all so cool, right? This is truly a wonderful heaven for entertainment stops. So don’t miss them.

California is the most populous U.S state and it covers a large area of 410,000 square meters. The state consists of 478 cities and each city has its own stunning destinations. Frankly, it’s unable to say all things that we can do in California. What numerous they are! Read through the list of 8 things following and choose what you prefer and do it.

Exciting Things To Do In California

Exciting Things To Do In California

1. Go into Hearst Castle in San Simeon

Maybe you must utter aloud when seeing the magnificent beauty of Hearst Castle. This is a historic California mansion and it will take tourists to the past of many years ago. Take an evening tour and go into the building to see special rooms with skilled architecture, a secret garden under the starred sky and a romantic lake at night is the greatest thing that you must do in San Simeon. You seem to live in a fairy tale with a castle which you still think that it only exists in your dream.

2. Swim at Mission beach in San Diego

Mission is such a famous beach in San Diego that it’s always crowed with people even normal days. With clean sand and water, nice sights, and good service, it will completely satisfy visitors in hot summer days. Lie on the long beach or a boat and sunbathe will help you relax and forget a hard-working day. Besides, you can join many different water sports, like: canoeing, volleyball, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, rafting, etc. Mission Beach is very the best choice for travelers in the summer vacation.

Exciting Things To Do In California

Exciting Things To Do In California

3. Walk through the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Now, the Golden Gate Bridge is not the world’s tallest bridge but it’s still the most attractive and romantic one. It is the connection between the San Francisco bay and Pacific Ocean as well as a beautiful symbol of the city. Don’t worry about your cars since there are some free parks next to the bridge. Come here on a nice day and ride a rent bike or walk to take the best pictures with your family, friends or your honey. How so pretty it is! What a pity if you leave your camera at home and give up these fabulous moments.

4. See Lotusland in Santa Barbara

Lotusland is a huge land in Santa Barbara. With a big area of 37 acres, the garden includes plenty of valuable and rare trees, a collection of entire cacti, glorious plants from all over the world, and even some which are in the edge of extinction can be found here. In fact, Lotusland will be never created by normal hands; designers must have had a strong passion so that they can give us the picturesque garden like that. Sightsee and you will find it much more stunning than what I say.

Exciting Things To Do In California

Exciting Things To Do In California

5. Go around wineries in Napa

How do you feel about exciting things to do in California? Do they make you become highly enthusiastic? No matter what you think of, don’t stop your trip and visit wineries in Napa. Napa is regards as the “Wine Country” and I ensure that you must be so socked because of a big number of the wineries here. Perhaps, the scent of ripe grapes always follows you when you are in the city. Let reservations be in advance and you will have tours to learn how the wine is made from grapes and fun stories about them as well. Here are some famous factories that you should watch: Quixote, Chimney Rock, O’Brien Estate, and Fontanella Family Winery. I know you are wishing to taste them so much.

6. Enjoy Walt Disney Concert Hall In Los Angeles

Do you think that you cannot live without music? And it’s right for me. Go to Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry (a top architect in the world) and you will find out a new space for music. Here, you can good chances to enjoy songs with the finest concert halls in the world. The classic works will be sophisticatedly performed before your eyes. That’s great!

Exciting Things To Do In California

Exciting Things To Do In California

7. Pay a visit to Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood

Sunset Plaza is mostly a series of shops located in the centre of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Everything is rather expensive here but wait! It’s not difficult for you to find out sidewalk cafés, such as: Café Med, Cravings lightly hidden under tall buildings. Check your money and try getting delicious meals at Chin Chin or buy clothes at Cavalli. It’s an amazing experience for you.

8. Take your children to Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose

Oh, I know that your babies are so active and creative. Let their mind open by going with them to Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. This is an awesome place to help your children and even you to get more knowledge in science, technology, and culture. The staff are very kind and friendly to teach your babies; thus, set your mind at rest if you think that they are mischievous. I believe they will receive good education at the museum.

I hope that you will find the list of 8 things to do in California useful for you. Of course, there are many other things that I still don’t know. So explore and tell me.

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Exciting Things To Do In California.

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