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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Fakes and Forgeries That Fooled the Experts

There's a lot of risk involved in passing off a fake or a forgery. If you're found out, your reputation can be irreparably da... (more)

Is Banksy's Real Name Paul Horner?

Faceless street artist Banksy is seemingly always in the press, and fittingly so. His political, timely works in different ar... (more)

Dakshina Kannada artists set to make their mark in Delhi from Feb 25

MANGALORE: Five artists from DakshinaKannada district are all set to give their works a Delhi sojourn. The artists - HarishKo... (more)

Innovations Symposium Brings Together Artists, Scientists on Feb. 28

Starting on Feb. 28, Wesleyan will bring together teams of artists and scientists to share approaches, skills and outcomes of... (more)

Houston JCC series explores how artists have captured emotional aspects of biblical stories

Biblical scenes depicted by European masters can sometimes resemble Where’s Waldo hunts for elusive characters — even central... (more)

Welcome to ArtLA

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