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Monday, February 6, 2012

Five Ways to Create a Beautiful Lawn - Curb Appeal is so Very Important.

Five Ways to Create a Beautiful Lawn

A beautiful lawn is the envy of many homeowners who think it is impossible to have one of their own. It is not as difficult as one would expect if they follow these five simple rules.


1.  Know Your Lawn.

Know what kind of grass you have before you attempt to treat it. If you have bare spots and you are trying to grow new grass, find out what is already in the surrounding area, or what will grow well in your type of climate. You can always talk to your local agricultural extension office to find the best grass for your area.


2.  Learn How to Mow.

Set your mower to a higher setting. Yes, this will mean you have to mow more often, but it will make your grass healthier, especially during dry times. It also allows the roots to penetrate deeper so they can withstand droughts. Moisture is also held better in taller grass; the grass will retain the water longer when you irrigate your lawn.


Grass also spreads better if it is left taller. You won’t have to plant seeds to help your grass spread to bare spots.


3.  Learn How to Water.

Watering your lawn does not have to be as big a chore as you might expect. The best watering method is to water deeply and infrequently. The grass should dry out between watering’s. The exception to this rule is when you have new growth. For new lawns you will need light sprinkling to wet the roots that have not penetrated deep into the ground yet. You do not want to risk washing away the roots before they are established.


4.  Learn About Fertilizing.

Fertilization will help ensure a healthy lawn year after year. However, you have to know what kind of fertilizer to use. It is best to fertilize your lawn in the fall, so you have a healthy yard in the spring.  


Do not use a fertilizer that contains a large amount of nitrogen. While nitrogen is necessary for a healthy lawn, it can cause your grass to grow fast and be weak. It may also become more susceptible to disease. Never use more than ten percent nitrogen in your fertilizer.


5.  Learn About Dethatching.

Dethatching is the process of removing dead grass from your lawn. This may occur as the grass dies in the fall or when you mow. A thin layer of thatch is not a problem, but a thick layer can cause many issues. It can prevent water and nutrients from penetrating into the soil to reach the roots.


The best time to dethatch is mid-spring or early fall. Do not dethatch when weeds are germinating, or they will spread over your lawn. You should remove the thatch when it is over half an inch.


Having a beautiful lawn is not impossible, but it does require some extra care. If you follow these five tips and learn as much as you can about your lawn, you can enjoy the beautiful view for many years to come.

Five Ways to Create a Beautiful Lawn - Curb Appeal is so Very Important. You heard the old expression that people make a decision on if they like someone else in less than a second just by looking at the person and making a judgement. It is the same thing with a house. When a buyer first drives bye your home or sees a photo online they make an instant decision if they want to consider the house or not, so make sure you lawn is always green and that your house looks the best it can outside and inside.
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