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Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 Drool-Worthy Pools | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

7 Drool-Worthy Pools

June 21, 2012
Posted by david_marine in General

Oh summer. How it makes me long for my own pool. As a kid, I always wanted my own pool in my backyard. One year, my dad tried to grant my wish by setting up an above ground pool in the backyard. We got it all setup, but when we added water the thing crumbled faster than a stale cookie. That was the last time we tried for our own pool.

Instead I made friends with the Goodman’s, the Ferrari’s (no relation to the car), and the Pesnell’s who all had their own pool. Now I have my own home, but there isn’t quite enough room for a pool in the backyard so instead I indulge myself in the envious admiration of some of the amazing poolside homes on Below is a gallery of 7 pools to die for. I’ll take any of them, but I think the dockside one in Newport Beach might be favorite.

Browse the gallery below and try not to be green with envy. Share your favorite poolside home in the comments.

Indoor Pool Elegance the only indoor pool room that could also double as the location for Cinderella's ball.</a>"> Indoor Pool Elegance


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7 Drool-Worthy Pools | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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