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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Affordable ways to decorate your home for summer.

Affordable ways to decorate your home for summer

June 19, 2012
Posted by Lindsay Listanski in Tips for Home

deck Affordable ways to decorate your home for summer

The transition from spring to summer can lift everyone’s mood, and many homeowners get the urge to spruce up their properties.  From changes are as simple as replacing linens and rugs with brighter colors to planting a beautiful garden, there are several small summer upgrades for homeowners with different goals, and many of these improvements are extremely affordable.

Brighten up the house

Sunshine and warm weather often prompt homeowners to brighten up their homes, and putting a fresh coat of paint on the interior or exterior of a house can make a large difference. In some cases, owners may simply want to retouch their current color palettes. In other cases, repainting the living room or kitchen area a mild color can open up an area and make it appear more spacious. When the weather is nice, many homeowners also take the initiative to improve the exterior of their homes by repainting the house or painting window shutters and the front door.

In addition to painting the house, switching up the accent pieces of a home can also give it more life. Small purchases, such as new throw pillows, a chaise lounge and plants and flowers, are simple touches that can go a long way in making a home more welcoming, according to Yahoo Real Estate.

Focus on the outdoors

Few people want to spend the summer months indoors, and many homeowners focus their attention on building an outdoor oasis. Small projects, such as adding new stone steps, laying down new flower beds or installing a fountain, can make a backyard both beautiful and calming. Those who have been dreaming about a backyard deck to host summer barbeques and family gatherings have the perfect opportunity to consult a professional and start the building project. Some people may not want to make large-scale changes to their homes. Instead, consider purchasing a new patio set, lanterns, colored lights or a fire pit, to enjoy the outdoors.

While some homeowners may opt to hire a landscaper, individuals can visit a nursery to purchase several different variations of low-maintenance flowers, shrubs and other foliage to improve their curb appeal.

Are you planning on any home upgrades this summer?

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Affordable ways to decorate your home for summer.

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