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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beverly Hills Residents Outlive Most in L.A. County by 5.3 years. Beverly Hills Homes-Realtor-Real Estate-

Residents of Beverly Hills can expect to live an average of 5.3 years longer than other L.A. County residents, according to a report released by the Department of Public Health.

The report Life Expectancy in Los Angeles County: How long do we live and why? analyzed data collected between 1991 and 2006 to show that while life expectancy in the county has been on a steady climb, "substantial disparities continue to exist."

Most county residents can expect to live 80.3 years. Beverly Hills seniors, however, live an average of 85.6 years. The city came in third place for the highest life expectancy rate in L.A. County, after La Canada Flintridge and Walnut.

Jane Winston, Senior Recreation Supervisor at Roxbury Park Community Center, says that Beverly Hills seniors stay healthy and active by taking advantage of the many senior-focused recreational activities offered by the city, from aerobics to sculpting.

"They care what they look like and feel like," Winston said. "They go to good doctors. They take advantage of the library, and they're well educated usually. They love current events."

Geography, ethnicity and financial status still play a large role in determining one's life span. The report highlighted a "strong correlation between economic hardship and life expectancy," claiming that earlier death "is higher among those who are poor, who have less education, and who have less social support and fewer economic resources."

Beverly Hills ranked as the county's 10th most affluent city in the same Public Health report (behind the likes of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, which ranked one, two and three).

But just 15 miles away from Beverly Hills in South Los Angeles, residents of Westmont—which ranked 91st for economic status—face the county's lowest life expectancy rate of 72.4 years. 

"Average life expectancy is one of the most fundamental measures of the health of a population and community," said Jonathon Fielding, Director of Public Health, as quoted in the report.

Classes, activities and entertainment at the Roxbury Recreation Center include current events discussions, creative writing, origami, yoga, and stretch and tone classes. More information can be found on the Senior Programs section of the Roxbury website.

Beverly Hills Residents Outlive Most in L.A. County by 5.3 years. Could it be the water, the air, the weather????

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