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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Insights & tips on quick ways to build wealth - 2 excellent videos from Pro's.

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Quick Good Fortune
In This Issue...

Quick Good Fortune:

One BIG idea now can magically change your lifestyle overnight.

Hot Topic of the Week:  

Many are fed up, frustrated, and just plain discouraged about their ability to reliably manifest what they want in life.

A Quick Good Fortune Insight:  The facts on how to manifest are not obscure - they are all over the Internet and fill self-help shelves in book stores... most do work-- yet many are not able to make them work consistently. I know you've heard this:

"Formulate and stamp 
indelibly on your mind 
a mental picture of 
yourself as succeeding. 

Hold this picture tenaciously. 
Never permit it to fade. 

Your mind will seek to 
develop the picture...
Do not build up 
obstacles in your imagination." 

Norman Vincent Peale 

Even though you "know" that truth - are you able to do it?Maintaining a Vision is a challenge, isn't it. But that IS what works. And you CAN do it. Most don't. Today you can activate your own inner hidden "magic genie." 

Sustaining happiness is a new habit for most - yet abundance means happiness, doesn't it? You want more in life - because you think it will make you happy, right?  Why wait? If you begin set that "resonance" in motion (or plant the seed.) Quick test:

Do you notice how often what you love and enjoy is available to you - when you least expect it? Tiny miracles or "coincidences" expand rapidly when you pay attention and appreciate them - why? Because you have tapped into a Flow of good-feeling experiences. When you lose focus - fuss or complain - you drop out of the flow and feel abandoned - yet it is YOU who abandoned the Good Fortune.

"The realization that something is not as you want it to be is an important first step, but once you have identified that, the faster you are able to turn your attention in the direction of a solution, the better, because a continuing exploration of the problem will prevent you from finding the solution.  

The problem is a different vibrational frequency than the solution--and all thoughts (or vibrations) are affected by (or managed by) the Law of Attraction."  

It can be much easier than you think once you understand a few key elements that may be missing - and that are needed to succeed. Bob Proctor (from The Secret) is a gold mine of knowledge. you'll get a whole new perspective from him. 

This is not some flight of fancy or make-believe exercise--the Universal and unchanging laws that make EVERYTHING happen for you are grounded in science! Bob and Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies explain exactly where effective visualization begins. Take a moment and consider this practical advice:  

Practice Makes Perfect--How To Manifest ANYTHING You Want

The biggest mistake you make with manifesting is quitting when what you want doesn't materialize within a few weeks. And the second mistake - is going after a million dollars when you are in debt and that is a fantasy. Lower those expectations - get real - and as you begin to build your success on a solid foundation... that million will soon be within reach.

"In Appreciating What We Have,
We Come To Appreciate
What Is Yet To Come.

There's Nothing Good
or Bad but Thinking
Makes It So"

Shakespeare, Hamlet

Consider how hugely a few insights can transform your life - forever. It DOES take some time, with a dedication to visualizing what you truly want in your life every single day. But it doesn't have to be difficult or complicated, or even very time consuming.

"The act of focusing
our consciousness is
an act of creation.

Consciousness creates!"

Gregg Braden, PhD

Opening your mind to new possibilities and affirming your Vision has to be done regularly like clockwork. You are building a new habit that will soon continue on its own - and work FOR you. When you do that ONE thing, consistently - some really incredible, almost magical, things will start to happen in your life!  Listen to the facts: Feels Like Magic But It's Real

Expert Tips & Advice *Priceless Insights*

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Concentration is only part of the equation - because your subconscious runs 95% of your life. Access your sub-mind with subliminal techniques and consistent attention to your Vision.

"Most people can look back over the years and identify a time and place at which their lives changed significantly.

Whether by accident or design, these are the moments when, because of a readiness within us and a collaboration with events occurring around us, we are forced to seriously reappraise ourselves and the conditions under which we live and to make certain choices that will affect the rest of our lives." 

Frederick F Flack

Solve money issues & most problems dissolve
Money is a hot topic - and few can think of it and not feel anxious or feel the "lack of money." Even the very, very rich want cash-flow and investment opportunities...and are often as relatively "over-extended" as the average person. Yet you get what you expect - and if you feel anxious - that is not a good sign. Feeling anxious will continue until you change it. You MUST find a way to feel good about what you have now and what you desire - both. This next video shows ways of becoming money conscious so that you can receive more cash-flow.

"How you handle or mishandle your money tells us who you are and, more important, it tells YOU who you are.

Your priorities, passions, goals, and fears are shown clearly in the flow of your money.

Your value system, or lack of one causes money to flow around you, passed you, or to you. When money is in your possession, what you do with it screams loudly who you are."
Dave Ramsey

Now you may know these facts - and think this is VERY obvious, but consider these absolute TRUTHS & revisit them again. 

1. What you think about has a tremendous effect on your life

2. If your head is full of fears, negative thoughts and images, your life will follow your lead (and that is why you are not living the life you want to live.)

3. If you keep positive energy flowing, you'll likely have a LOT of positive things come into your life (and that is the Flow of Good Fortune! It will get better and better)

4. It's not too late to have a happy childhood--or a fabulous future!

5. Watching this video will put you on the road to fulfilling your destiny...give it a try.

Get On Track Today--Watch This!

John Assaraf (from The Secret) is one of the most motivational people you'll ever encounter. This is a day that could be a turning point in your life. You will receive messages that sink deeply into your subconscious--that help you understand that your thoughts and attitude are everything --that little things DO matter-- that habits are more powerful than you may have realized--and everything can begin to turn around for you with some very small but important steps.

"Your life does not
get better by chance,
it gets better
by change."

Jim Rohn

If you are feeling frustrated by your inability to clearly focus on what really matters in life, then -- please quit wasting your time! Just take a few minutes and do THIS instead...

Listen To John--Then DO What He Suggests 

Even if things are going pretty well for you --there is so much more waiting for you! The Universe is abundant beyond your comprehension--and the power you have to open the door to this limitless resource of joy and prosperity is available to you and anyone else who truly wants it. 

Take a moment to sit quietly, watch this video, and finally discover the transformational power you have within.

"One with a surplus 
can control circumstances, 
but one without a surplus 
is controlled by them, 
and often has no 
opportunity to 
exercise judgment." 

Harvey Firestone

I'm a great advocate of financial freedom for just this reason: Your creativity & life's purpose has room to grow. Often one insight can open the door to living abundantly. These interview with MindMovies as the host - are simple & to the point. Sign in and you get 6 free mind-movies to try - and keep!

"Impossible is not
a fact.
It's an opinion."

Muhammad Ali

MindMovies is a leader in developing tools you can use easily. They have a new software that will be available in a few days - and the release will include many bonus offers and special promotions. As soon as it comes in I will forward it to you. These are fun - lots of free gifts and insights - and the opportunity to discover your own truths and to live them! 

Good Fortune!


P.S. Have you ever thought about how you've been programmed since you were a kid to accept whatever life hands you? You can truly RE-program your thinking to attract the most astounding things into your life...and it will seem like magic.

"In times of change, 
learners inherit the 
Earth, while the 
learned find themselves 
beautifully equipped 
to deal with a world 
that no longer exists." 

Eric Hoffer  

Learned anything new lately? Learning to change your mind is a good skill! Change happens in THIS moment -  all we really have is NOW.

It's your choice what you do with each moment of your life--so why not choose this moment as a time of inspiration, confirmation, and even transformation? Just watch both of the videos and you'll see changes.

Bob Explains It All--RE-Program Your Thinking!

Use The Moment--Now Is The Time with John Assaraf

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"We cannot
become what
we need to be   
by remaining
what we are."

Max DePree

"Dwelling on
negative thoughts
is like fertilizing 

Norman Vincent Peale


"Don't let
that you desire
and enjoy pass
you by like a
runaway train.

Take control
of yourself,
maintain an
awareness of
your surroundings,
and then jump
on board and
be the absolute
best at what
you love."

Sammy Rivera


"Win as if you
were used to it,
lose as if you
enjoyed it for
a change."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


"I enjoy every
opportunity and
live every moment.

And that is why
I have no regrets.

It's when you
are not scared
of losing that
you win

Shailendra Singh


"Nurture your mind
with great thoughts,
for you will never
go any higher
 than you think."

Benjamin Disraeli


"Losers live
in the past.

Winners learn
from the past
and enjoy
working in the
present toward
the future."

Denis Waitley


"Always hope
for the best,
which would
become the bridge
between what you
are and what you
aim to become.

It may not happen
soon but you will be
surprised how it can
change the course
of the universe."

Chaitanya Goteti


"A positive attitude
may not solve
all your problems,
but it will annoy
enough people
to make it
worth the effort."

Herm Albright


"All that we
are is the result
of what we
have thought.

The mind is

What we think,
we become."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


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