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Friday, October 28, 2011

Hollywood's Hottest Homes - Video

Hollywood's Hottest Homes

October 27, 2011

California is renowned for its glamorous celebrity estates -- from Hugh Hefner to Michael Jackson, to Aaron Spelling and George Lucas. Take a walk with us through the luxurious residences of some of Hollywood's most famous elite.

Arguably one of the most famous residences in California is the iconic Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills. Built in 1927, this elegant 22-bedroom mansion and its exotic surroundings remain home to the Playboy founder and his many sexy playmates.

In Santa Barbara sits the Neverland Valley Ranch, known to millions worldwide as the lavish residence of the late Michael Jackson. The home -- which the pop star once explained was named after Neverland Island in Peter Pan -- sat on a huge parcel of land and included a floral clock, a petting zoo and a private amusement park.

The famous Skywalker Ranch -- located in open country in California's northern region of San Rafael -- is another prime property that is home to renowned Star Wars director George Lucas, as well as some of his famous friends.  

Watch the video to also see the mansion that TV mogul Aaron Spelling built -- the one ranked as America's most expensive home when it went on the market in 2009. To learn more about additional California destinations, click here.


Hollywood's Hottest Homes - Video
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