East Coast vs. West Coast: Best Places to Live for Social SeekersA lot of sites have a list of the best places to live, but where one lives really depends on who one is. That’s either the cheesiest or deepest sentence I’ve ever written, but there’s truth to it.

Buying a home has always been more than just beds, baths and square feet. You want to live in a place that suits your lifestyle and that’s why the Coldwell Banker Best Places to Live series has focused on a variety of lifestyle-oriented categories to shed some light on unique towns that are perfect for particular groups.

Recently we teamed up with LXTV Open House to do a segment on their extremely popular weekend show to feature our Best Places to Live for Social Seekers survey. In the video above you’ll see we go coast to coast to highlight two very different places on the East Coast and West Coast that both suit the nightlife loving and activity driven lifestyle of the Social Seeker.

Take a look at the video above and let us know where would you rather live as a social seeker? Hoboken, NJ or Marina Del Rey, CA? Share your pick in the comments.