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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guarantee a rich New Year: 3 hidden ancient fears & how to eliminate them.

Guarantee a rich New Year: 3 hidden ancient fears & how to eliminate them.

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Quick Good Fortune
In This Issue...

Quick Good Fortune: The seeds you plant today determine your harvest in the coming months.

Hot Topic of the Week: 

I love my goals but can't see how they can possible happen. I feel so alone and not sure what to do next.

A Quick Good Fortune Insight:  Are you seeking what you love or relief?  If your goal is more cash - that is not specific enough. The truth is you don't feel passion for paper and metal. You feel excited about what the money will buy and the lifestyle you will live. Make the results of the money your focus. What will you be doing once you have time and money? You see your real goals when you see the talents you are using once the cash flows in. Finding a goal doing what you love makes the journey so much easier. 

"Once you believe in 
yourself and see your 
soul as divine and 
precious, you will 
automatically become 
a being who can 
create a miracle."

Wayne Dyer

How goals happen
What you feel is what you get. That's it. Don't skip over it and say you know it - if you are not getting what you desire, you don't know it well enough to use it so that it works for you. That fact "works" and if you are not getting results - then begin again fresh today. 

Two false scientific beliefs have led most astray. One is that all life is separate (alone, unique, not interrelated), and the second is that each individual's thoughts and beliefs have no affect on life as a whole. 

"We are the universe 
pretending to
be individuals."

Deepak Chopra

Feeling isolated from your goals
You are not alone, but energetically connected to all life -- and to your ancestors. Your thoughts generate feelings in your body - and heart. Your heart beat is a sound wave - resonating out - and affecting you - and your environment. 

"Many times a day, I realize how much my outer and inner life is built upon the labors of people, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received." Albert Einstein

The scientific truth is that through our feelings, we each have a profound affect on not only ourselves and our lives -- but on life throughout the planet. What you feel - from the heart - becomes the mirror that life responds to. How?

The human heart is the strongest generator of both magnetic and electric fields in the physical body. The brain responds to attitudes - such as stress - releasing stress hormones - and then the brain sinks into survival mentality. Now clear thinking is unavailable. And the heart responds - feeling fear and threatened - preparing to fight or hide. 

The physical world is also made of electromagnetic fields - and responds to the emotions we create in our heart. Our heart is affected by the ideas or attitudes in our brain and body chemistry. 

Quick Test
You know instantly when another is angry or fearful - and it affects not only you - but all others in the vicinity too. Are you aware that you cannot reason with this person?They do not have access to their reasoning mind, right? That often generates fear in others - beyond just responding to the anger. See this pattern happen outside yourself and then apply the information to your life.

"Impossible is not
a fact.
It's an opinion."

Muhammad Ali

Own the fact that what you feel - you get - and you can change your life quickly for the better. 

The task is to become in your life what you want to experience in the world. You can do this.

All that you see now that is not making you happy is a mirror. So is everything that IS making you happy. Change what you feel about what you see and expect -- and you change what you see and experience in life. 

Train your mind and
Feel it in your heart

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The quickest way to get to what you do want - is to stop doing what you don't want. You can't have both: Commit to only feel what you want to experience.

"One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another." Napoleon Hill

3 Ancient Fears 
Gregg Braden, PhD, researched and uncovered ancient fear cycles from old text and wisdom teachings - some reaching back over 200,000 years. These patterns continue to run - mostly unnoticed - in the unconscious of most even today.

"A habit is something 
you can do without thinking--
which is why most of us 
have so many of them."

Frank Clark

Psychology has defined the fears as habits of behavior that repeat causing continual dysfunction and stress. You may recognize the symptoms - but not realize the 'cause' is not your idea, but a habit passed down to you from your parents and ancestors.

How do you find them? Easier than you think. If fear is running your life, you experience loss and limitation. Often there is NO LOGICAL REASON for the fear - because it is not from your experience. It doesn't make sense. If the symptom is limiting you, consider making changes in your attitude - today.

1. Abandonment or Separation.
Do you feel hurt deeply from many "failed" relationships: family, work, love or activities? The fear you are left behind - and forgotten - is repeated in your experience, until your feeling is changed.

2. Not worthy or not good enough.
Are you treated as if you don't matter? You are not worthy of consideration, or good enough for a raise or a loving relationship? If you experience low self esteem your relationships with others match your belief of a low self image. Religions often activate this pattern. Compared to Jesus or God you can never be good enough. Worse yet - this saint or deity is often "abandoned" or suffered - so what hope is there for you?  

3. Unable to surrender Ego & Trust Life. 
Do you trust the world? How do you feel as you go out every day - are you safe? Does your religion warn you of "an evil and unsafe world"? Do you dare "surrender" to your feelings of love with others? Controlling and manipulation reflect this fear of letting go. Quick insight: Your relationships mirror your expectations of trusting others and life. Do you have trustworthy people in your life?
(insights from Gregg Braden, PhD)

"Security is mostly 
a superstition. 
It does not exist in 
nature, nor do the 
children of men as 
a whole experience it. 

Avoiding danger is 
no safer in the long run 
than outright exposure. 

Life is either a daring 
adventure, or nothing." 

Helen Keller

Overcome Fear and You Overcome Your Fate

If you see a pattern in your life that mirrors any of the 3 fears above - make the commitment to change now and stop limiting your future. Do you see these are not your ideas - simply thoughts?

If fear and anxiety dominate your life then --overcome fear -- Get the facts and understand fear. Once you grasp that the thoughts ARE NOT YOURS - but merely thoughts that have been around for centuries - letting go is easy.

Overcoming fear and overcoming your past limitations is a simple process of waking up and letting go.

"Nothing exists except atoms
and empty space;
everything else is opinion.


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"Is there an unconscious?
The ancient paths of mysticism 
and occultism resolved the 
problem of the unconscious 
from the very beginning, 
even before it became 
a problem, for their first 
requirement was that man 
should KNOW HIMSELF." 

Alan Watts

Gratitude works fastest
The fastest most powerful way to gain a strong heartfelt connection to your heart is through gratitude. Think of something you love. Pet, car, friend, flower, beach? Concentrate until you feel the warmth in your chest. That love is not from the object but is within you. It is you. You are the source of the love. Feeling gratitude and appreciation taps you into you - and into a flow of good feeling things.

Gratitude feelings are a catalyst to connect you with Good Fortune and abundance energy flows. Continue to resonate and feel gratitude and you are creating a strong energy signal of abundance, causing MORE good to Flow in. Soon you start seeing more and more show up. Some is new, but often you don't see all the good that you do have.  

"Content makes 
poor men rich; 
discontentment makes 
rich men poor."

Benjamin Franklin 

What's "Going Right" In Your Life?
The questions you ask yourself activate the reticular activation center within your brain. You are directing your awareness and insights to find "what's right in this moment."Once set - then the reticular activation center directs your thoughts and focus. You start seeing, and noticing; and trying to find, what you are looking for.

Make it Simple
Ask yourself, "what is right in this moment?"  Now look - and find something. Then something else. Continue noting all that is "right." Keep your focus on "now and in this moment"or your mind will begin adding in fearful thoughts.

Suggestions of Questions

What am I enjoying right now?

What in this moment is making me feel happy?

Who am I connected to right now, in this moment?

What good things are here right now?

Why am I always surrounded by things I love?

What do I love most in this moment?

Why are good things always coming my way?

What is fun right now, in this moment?

Why am I always so happy?

As you question, you start to find all that is 'right' in your life... that is fun and making you happy and is working right now. As you start seeing the richness and love in your life, and soon you feel an even deeper gratitude. You are countering all the fears that may be operating below your awareness. If a fear persists - use the EFT, TAT or PSTEC methods to shift the old limiting idea.

"Transform your life with self-love. 
From now on, let every action, 
every reaction, every thought, 
and every emotion 
be based on love. 

Increase your self-love until 
the entire dream of your life 
is transformed from fear 
and drama to love and joy."

don Miguel Ruiz

Look for the magic in life 
Relax and look around right now. "What's right in this moment?" Feel your health and body - as a gift; and notice the security you do have. Look around - what shows up next? Find what you trust and what feels loving to you. Feel your connection to all the others in your life - and to Life itself. Continue this practice and in a very short time you will find yourself in a Flow of Good Fortune. Good things soon begin showing up and flowing in - mirroring your heart-resonance and your expectations. 

Happy New Year and Good Fortune!


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Greg Braden explains the Ancient Understanding of the Heart Field

Happiness Levels Are Not Predetermined. Feelings of happiness and well-being are not limited by genes or early life experience, research shows. Lifestyle choices, religion, as well as working hours and social participation were all found to have a significant impact on the levels of happiness.

Please pass along the Good Fortune Tips. Take a moment while it's in front of you and forward it along.

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"The best you 
can be at any 
given moment 
is yourself."

Elizabeth Alraune

"Everything comes 
to us that belongs 
to us if we create 
the capacity to 
receive it."

Rabindranath Tagore

"If you accept 
the expectations 
of others, especially 
negative ones, 
then you never 
will change 
the outcome."

Michael Jordan

"Whatever you 
carry within you, 
you meet 

Yogi Desai

"Actions form 
habits; habits 
decide character; 
and character 
fixes our destiny."

Tryon Edwards

"Enlightenment is 
not imagining 
figures of light, 
but making the 
darkness conscious."

Carl Jung

"Are you doing 
what you believe 
in, or are you 
settling for what 
you are doing?"

Gregg Braden

"Brain cells 
create ideas. 
Stress kills 
brain cells. 
Stress is not 
a good idea."

Frederick Saunders M.D.

"We are attracted 
to people who 
express the 
qualities we deny 
or repress in 

Shakti Gawain

"Call it a clan, 
call it a network, 
call it a tribe, 
call it a family. 
Whatever you 
call it, whoever 
you are, you 
need one."

Jane Howard

"Learn to relax. 
Your body is 
precious, as it 
houses your mind 
and spirit. Inner 
peace begins 
with a relaxed 

Norman Vincent Peale

"It isn't what 
the book or 
program costs; 
its what it 
costs if you 
don't read 
or do it."

Jim Rohn

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