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Monday, September 17, 2012

7 Hot Home Decorating Trends for fall 2012

7 Hot Home Decorating Trends for fall 2012

Lower temperatures are around the corner, which means your home is ripe for fall decoration. Here are the hottest trends and décor ideas culled from House and Home magazine and HGTV.


Mix and Match

This fall, mix comfortable with chic, bold with neutral, and vintage with modern. Boldly counterpoint a living room with brown leather chairs and an orange sofa. Diversity is here to stay, but you want to curate pieces selectively for cohesion and statement of personal style.

Woven Furniture for the Indoors

Designers have often used woven furniture on patios and screened in porches, but this year, the wicker is moving inside. Wicker sofas, side tables, and chairs pair well with rooms that have tons of natural light and hardwood floors. You can also use woven furniture to add dynamic texture to headboards, lighting fixtures, and laundry storage bins. 

Jewel Tones

Rich and saturated hues are hugely popular this fall. Spotlight your design savvy with bold color choices, like juicy peacock blue and jewel tones of indigo, emerald, and fuchsia. Add a splash of the fall’s colors with throw pillows, blankets, and curtains. Upholster chairs or barstools in the kitchen with a deep, wine-colored fabric. If you really want to make a statement, pick furniture pieces in bold colors like cobalt blue. 

Mod Meets Antique

As a sub-category for this year’s Mix and Match trend, try pairing modern style with antiques and vintage classics. For instance, place wingback chairs in a modern, highly stylized room. You can also reupholster and dress up old century furniture with either bright, fall-friendly colors, or with more audacious patterns, like zebra or cheetah print. You can also mix and match with a ‘granny chic’ style, painting vintage side tables, lamps, and chairs in modern tones like chartreuse and purple.

The Great Grey

One of the leading neutral tones in this fall’s décor is grey. Designers are using grey on grey, such as grey walls and grey tile in the bathroom, spicing up the color with accent items like cabinet knobs and towels. Grey is in style because it’s a great blending agent for all the heavily saturated colors and jewel tones that designers are so in love with this fall.

The Gilded Age

Maybe you can’t afford a Gustav Klimt painting in your home, but you can certainly dress up your décor with a little gold flair. Spray paint antique pill and soda bottles gold for a little Gilded Age glamour. If your dining and living room share the same space, hang a sheer, gold curtain between them to divide the space, while adding an Asian-inspired touch of luxury.

Artisan One-of-a-Kind pieces

It seems many decorators are experiencing a cultural awakening, using rare artisanal items to bring creativity, new culture, and beautiful handmade design into the home. African masks and sculptures have always had a place on many decorators’ walls, but this year Navajo is taking over. Navajo tapestries and patterns are becoming centerpieces for the living room, foyer, and dining room.

7 Hot Home Decorating Trends for fall 2012

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