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Friday, September 28, 2012

A Complete Look at Spago, Reopened and Refreshed.

A Complete Look at Spago, Reopened and Refreshed

Spago's new 'doPhoto: Javier Cabral

Wolfgang Puck's iconic Spago Beverly Hills is now open with an entirely new look and menu, the second time L.A.'s favorite Austrian chef-to-the-rich-and-famous and celebrity restaurant mogul has dramatically reinvented his local power spot. The new interior rockets the restaurant right out of the nineties, ditching the wood accents, genial European artworks, and sponged beige walls for a sleek set-up of Armani suit-friendly black chairs and white tablecloths. At first glance, the new 'do appears a little austere compared to the staged rusticity of the old Spago, but there's no question the restaurant has been tailored into sharper focus, with an authoritative presence that includes a classic bar of leather chairs, somber shadows, and glowing backlights, an open kitchen to engage with chef de cuisine Tetsu Yahagi and his team as they execute a new menu heavy on Asian influences, and fun, conceptual contemporary art pieces like a giant iPhone with a cracked screen. And of course, the patio is still heavy with warmth and allure. Take a full look at the new Spago in our slide show and let us know what you think of the restaurant's revamp in our comments.

A Complete Look at Spago, Reopened and Refreshed.

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