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Monday, February 25, 2013

Fashion for the 2013 Academy Awards

Fashion for the 2013 Academy Awards

Not only are the Oscars the biggest night for the actual awards, but it is also a major evening for fashion.  Designers compete to outdo each other and actors strive to wear the most memorable outfits.

Eyes on the Stars

Two celebrities who will be watched on this evening are Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway.  Lawrence is the leading contender for Best Actress, which is one reason that what she wears will be center stage.  She has joked that she plans to wear sweatpants to the event.  Of course, everyone knows she isn’t serious and she confirms her intentions by saying that she plans to trade in comfort for style.

Even though she focused on comfort for the 2012 awards, Lawrence still looked stylish in her Calvin Klein dress.

Lawrence is nominated for her role in the “Silver Linings Playbook.”  She brings the character, Tiffany Maxwell, to life in this romantic comedy.

Anne Hathaway is another star who will dress to impress as she contends for the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Les Miserables.”  In this movie, she plays Fantine, a single mother and sings “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Hathaway lost weight for the role, but has since said that she’s not concerned with dieting for the awards.  She has hinted that she is looking at several options for her wardrobe choice with the indication that they will be “cool.”

Amy Adams has also said that she plans to keep her dress choice under wraps.  As she pointed out, no one ever admits who they will be wearing and what it will look like.  However, Jessica Chastain who is also nominated for Best Actress against Jennifer Lawrence has said that her dress will be colorful.  She has also indicated that she likes dresses that are throwbacks to Old Hollywood and pay tribute to a woman’s body.  Of course, she will put a modern take on the design.


Expert analysts have already set their predictions on what they will see at the event.  One style they expect to see is metallic.  They are big everywhere right now and the Academy Awards are always focused on what is in style.  It is also expected that the stars will go bold and that some may wear pastels, two trends that are also popular.

The Golden Globes are also often predictors of fashion for the season.  This year’s Globes saw pinks and reds for celebrities so experts anticipate that those colors will also be in attendance at the Oscars.

As with all red carpet events, you can expect some hits and misses.  Everyone will be fighting to win the best look of the night even if they don’t win an award.  And no one wants to be awarded the biggest miss of the evening.  Designers and stars alike will be carefully selecting the outfits with a critical eye to look outstanding without standing out in the wrong way.  One thing you can guarantee is that it will be talked about the next day.

Fashion for the 2013 Academy Awards

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