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Beverly Hills has long been a choice and preferred spot for celebrities to settle in. There are simply too many magnificent celebrity mansions in the area to limit it to 5 but for purposes of this article, we will try. Owning a property in Beverly Hills appear to be a token necessity among celebrities. One can just imagine the corresponding insurance required for these properties. A quick look into can provide an idea of the present rates for property insurance.

These properties are certainly worth looking into:

1. Ryan Seacrest

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Ellen De Generes and her wife Portia de Rossi listed their sprawling estate on Coldwater Canyon for sale at the price of $ 49 million. Ryan Seacrest got it for $ 37 million, certainly still a big amount of money. Apparently, this property consisting of four separate parcels of land accumulated over the years by spouses De Generes and Rossi seem to be worth it. The property practically covers an entire city block and houses a 9,200 square foot main house and a gym with a size that is comparable to that of a huge health club. Seacrest must be doing quite a bit of walking to cover the entirety of this property.

2. Sylvester Stallone

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Sylvester Stallone’s Beverly Hills mansion has a size of 15,121 square feet with a total land acreage of 4.08 acres. It has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The mansion is specifically located in the highly exclusive Beverly Park Terrace neighborhood. With a net worth of $ 275 million, it is not surprising that he can afford to be here. His other home is in Lake Tahoe which is reported to have seven fireplaces compared to the four found in his Beverly Hills house.

3. Jodie Foster


Jodie foster’s most recent property purchase was an $ 11,750,000.00 mansion with a canyon and a city view in Beverly Hills. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The property is situated in a very private area with a house that measures at least 3,752 square feet. Though built in 1952 yet, this has not made the house any less grand.

4. Eddie Murphy

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Eddie Murphy is a proud owner of a $ 20 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion located on over 3 acres of land. It is said to resemble a hotel resort more than a private house. It houses a stunning pool and a tennis court. Murphy had to pay almost $ 240,000.00 for the taxes of this property alone in 2011.

5. Denzel Washington Jr.

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Denzel Washington’s magnificent 1.5 acre property is found in the gated community of Beverly Hills which is way on top. The neighborhood has a private and exclusive entrance and is one of the most heavily guarded in the area.

There are surely a lot of other celebrity houses that are worth as much or even more than those mentioned here. Alas – to be a star!

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