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Monday, February 4, 2013

We Believe in Home | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter


Nelson Coldwell  0220 We Believe in HomeFive years ago, almost to the day, I joined  Coldwell Banker Real Estate.  I joined the company during a pretty bad time for real estate, as it was the beginning (or middle, depending on what part of the country you live in) of a sustained and painful real estate recession (or depression, again, depending on where you live).

But what I found once I became a part of the industry was that, as my former CEO Jim Gillespie always said, real estate professionals are realistic and rational, yet very positive people. Over these past five, tough years, I have constantly traveled the country, meeting tens of thousands of our company’s agents, managers and broker/owners. Two memories pop into my mind during these trips…

I traveled to Michigan in 2009 and met frustrated, yet surprisingly positive agents and brokers who had every reason to be down.  600 agents, the largest group I had met with at a local meeting, had traveled from all across that great state to Lansing to talk about the future and to be inspired. They couldn’t just sit around at their offices and be gloomy…because they just loved Real Estate.

I traveled to Las Vegas in 2010, and spoke at our affiliate company’s agent meeting and found the morale to be unbelievably good despite the huge setbacks they were experiencing in the local real estate market.  The owner, Bob Hamrick, a high energy, one-man can of Red Bull, electrified his agents and managers on stage and while never mincing words about the state of the market, he left them with a great sense of hope and purpose.

And I began to understand that the “purpose” is what makes this industry so special.

I came from the auto industry, and while the professionals I met there and have became close to are wonderfully smart, energetic and just really good people, I never walked away from a meeting with the belief that there was a bigger sense of purpose to what we did.  I do now.

And I began to understand that the “purpose” is what makes this industry so special.

Real Estate is at its core, a sales industry…but one with purpose.  And at Coldwell Banker, we are firm believers in this purpose.

We Believe in real estate and all the benefits it can provide.  We Believe in what a Home can do to help a person or family grow and succeed in life.  We Believe in the communities where we work and live.  We Believe that there should always be an emotional part of the real estate equation while never ignoring the rational side.  We Believe in the true Value of a Home, as wonderfully showcased in our 2012 TV commercial.  And in 2013, We Believe more than ever that a home is really your castle, and we celebrate all the memories and experiences that make it so.

Sandy McLaughlin is the manager of my hometown Coldwell Banker office.  My daughters are in high school so I go to most of the high school basketball games.  And so does Sandy and her husband, even though her kids have graduated.  She Believes in our community.  Heck, she was involved in a majority of the families in the stands moving to town and finding a home.  She watched as those little Mendham kids (that raced up the stairs to claim the biggest bedroom before their brother/sister did on the day of the closing) grew to over six feet tall and are now starting for the basketball team and still boxing out the competition.  She feels the pride on Senior Day when the parents come on center court to greet their kids in front of the hometown crowd.  The feeling I’m going to have when I greet my daughter Kelly at center court when the senior Cheerleader are introduced. And I bet Sandy will be there to watch.

At Coldwell Banker, We Believe in home and all the magical things that come with it.  And that our calling in life is to find the one that’s perfect for our clients.  Please enjoy our 2013 TV Spot, but more importantly, our purpose.

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We Believe in Home | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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