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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The movies in your mind predict your future: are YOU choosing what you want? From my friend Cheryl Janecky - Los Angeles-Platinum Triangle-Beverly Hills Real Estate-90210-Bel Air-Holmby Hills-Sunset Strip-Hollywood Hills-Luxury Estates-Mansions-Celebrity

The movies in your mind predict your future: are YOU choosing what you want?

Quick-Good-Fortune Tips

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We think in pictures and visualize ideas and everyone uses the movies in their mind to create their life. It happens through the subconscious mind automatically. This is true for everyone - and also true for your life from the time you were born - up to now.

As a child you were imprinted with the pictures from your parents about how life works. Then about 7 or 8 years old you began actively adding your own pictures (school, friends, movies, TV, vacations, etc.).

"Life is the sum of
all your choices."

Albert Camus

The movie of life that you have compiled has some of your own choices, but mostly it is what you grew up with that you now consider your own ideas. Many are not. How do you know?

Look around. If what you see is not all of what you want, then your desires are not strong enough pictures yet to affect the movie in your mind - that IS generating the life you are living. Listen and you'll hear that everyone tells "their story" all the time. Do you notice that it always reflects the life they live? Gotta change the story to change life's circumstances.

"People rarely succeed unless
they have fun in what
they are doing."

Dale Carnegie

Most are discovering ways of how to change from what you have to what you really want. Accessing your subconscious mind and changing the program is the process that works. Changing and imprinting your mind with a "new movie" of your choice is a really fast way of accomplishing the goal.

Do you want to make your own movies - with all of the hard work done for you? MindMovies really are fun (you got the 6 free samples, right?) and you can design your own around the lifestyle you choose.

"Above all, be true to yourself,
and if you can not put your
heart into, take yourself
out of it."

Hardy D. Jackson

Creative Fun
Post them on YouTube or Facebook or ....??? and share your vision for the future. Promote a favorite cause or charity easily. Make one for your club or activities that you love?

Ever wanted to start a business but didn't know how? You can use movies in business to explain or promote an idea. Most love to be informed through pictures and music - more than just an "ad." That's why are so easily programmed ourselves with the movies in our minds.

"It is our choices that
show what we truly are,
far more than our abilities."

J.K. Rowling

Mind Movies is launching their newest version today. They have included an excellent package and upgrades -- much more than last years program. And if you purchased, you got the upgrades free - forever! Now they have added about $2,400 in additional self-help programs from experts.

It is so much fun to create a movie so easily - and with all the free bonuses and ** half price ** - now is a good time to consider purchasing it.

MindMovies Bonus Preview (Total Value $2477.25)

It includes everything you need to make Mind Movies that can be completely customized by YOU. Why not design a future you want to live and then use this latest technology to imprint your mind? It can change your life in ways you design.

"Champions keep playing
until they get it right."

Billie Jean King

Natalie also gives you five really easy to do steps that can instantly super-charge your manifesting power all on their own--they are so simple you can begin using them today.

If you haven't yet - pick up your FREE 6 pre-made Mind Movies. The special introductory price and all the bonuses are for a limited time only. Get the free sample and see for yourself.

The Mind Movies 2.1 platform is by far the most innovative, easy to use video creation tool available. You can quickly create high end marketing videos in just a few minutes!

Feeling creative and have ideas you want to express? Check it out during the special launch.

Good Fortune  

Cheryl Janecky

P.S. Take moment and watch the special videos done by a variety of experts at the top of the page. Lots of good tips and strategies here.

The fact is there are powerful strategies based in neuroscience that can deeply embed your visualizations into your subconscious in a way you aren't even aware of--but can hugely multiply the effectiveness of your visualizations.  Get the information now while it is available free.

There are four visualization experts waiting to show you exactly how it's done. Today you can hear more tremendous insights from Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and now Joe Vitale and Natalie Ledwell.

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