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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Secret of Successful Visualizations: 6 free Mind Movies to test. - Los Angeles-Platinum Triangle-Beverly Hills Real Estate-Bel Air-Holmby Hills-Sunset Strip-Hollywood Hills-Luxury Estates-Mansions-Celebrity Homes-Homes For Sale-Listings-Realtor-Real E

The Secret of Successful Visualizations: 6 free Mind Movies to test.

Quick-Good-Fortune Tips

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If you've ever had a friend, colleague or business person who seems to always have a bright, cheerful outlook and a positively magnetic personality, you've more than likely witnessed someone who is a student of personal development.

"When we are motivated
by goals that have deep
meaning, by dreams that
need completion, by
pure love that needs
expressing, then we
truly live life."

Greg Anderson

Achieving your life dreams is not about going after the right education or the right person or income. Working hard and attempting to manipulate the events of your life - is backwards. And it doesn't work that way.

The first step to lasting successes: Is developing the inner YOU. Even if you win the lottery, the chances are 97% that in 5 years you will be broke again - if you have not created a healthy and wealthy mind-set.

"We don't need more strength
or more ability or greater
opportunity. What we need
is to use what we have."

Basil S. Walsh

The ancient wisdom for achieving a good life has become the newest sciences. Every day more is discovered about the mind, brain and how you come to be where you are in life - and how to use what you have.

Very little remains unknown about how you (and everyone) creates the life they live. You are an organism in an environment - not separate from it. You and your environment are one whole. Changes happen from within you, and from the choices you make that alter your surroundings.

"The Universe is one
indivisible, dynamic whole
in which energy and
matter are so deeply
entangled it is impossible
to consider them as
independent elements."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

The huge explosion in self-help and personal growth methods uses this information to transform lives.

Many grasp the concepts and literally transform their lives in a very short time. Others struggle with the basics and find it difficult to break through their subconscious barriers to success.

If creating and designing a life you WANT to live is important to you - then spend a little time and test out some of the latest and most advanced methods. They are free to try today for signing up.

It doesn't matter what you want - the method to achieve it is the same.

What are your goals or ideal lifestyle?

Better, more dynamic heath or a trim in-shape body?

Relationships with friends and family that are loving and supportive?

A life-partner that harmonizes with your desires and lifestyle?

Abundance: more cash-flow, business opportunities or fin.ancial free.dom?

Personal self-esteem and self-worth: feeling happy and content with yourself?

Achieving your goals is so much easier than you think once you understand a few key elements that are necessary for success.

Learn the facts from two experts and great educators: Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle. They have good answers and methods that work.

Both were featured in The Secret--and they share an absolute gold mine of knowledge.

Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies interviews them in two very revealing chats-

First, Bob Doyle explains the The Law of Attraction "101" and how to use it in your life NOW to manifest whatever it is you most desire. This energizing chat simplifies visualization and makes it easily usable for you.

Then, Bob Proctor explains the science insights and exactly where effective visualization begins. He has a clear way of laying it all out, so you can use it immediately. 

It's not some flight of fancy or make-believe exercise--the Universal and unchanging laws that make EVERYTHING happen for you are grounded in science!

"Even if you don't believe
in it--do it anyway.

My attitude is: if your
way isn't working, try mine.

I'm doing alright. I'm healthy,
happy, and I'm wealthy.

I earn more money in one
hour than I used to in twenty years.

So I must know something.
And I know that this works."

Bob Proctor

Practice Makes Perfect--How To Manifest ANYTHING You Want

The biggest mistake most make with manifesting is quitting when what you want doesn't materialize immediately. Don't do that:  it doesn't work like that!

It takes persistence and commitment: NOT hard work. It DOES take some time, with a dedication to visualizing (and feeling) what you truly want in your life every single day. Repetition is how you got the life you are now living - and repetition is what changes it.

But it doesn't have to be difficult or complicated, or even very time consuming.

It just has to be done regularly like clockwork. When you do that ONE thing, very soon incredible, almost magical, things will start to happen in your life!

"Every person, all the events
of your life are there because
you have drawn them there.

What you choose to do with
them is up to you."

Richard Bach

The 2 video insights are free. Also included are SIX FREE PRE-MADE Mind Movies. You can download, own and use this new technology FREE. Why not test it out? It works for most.

The magical part is real: Ryan explains exactly how he vaporized $70K in debt in only three short months. If you've got some financial "issues" why not give this a try? Watch this very closely--it could be the key that unlocks the door to your best life yet.

"Don't be fooled by
the calendar.

There are only as
many days in the
year as you
make use of."

Charles Richards

Good Fortune is a lifestyle choice. It is a choice you make and repeat until you begin to move with the Flow of Good Fortune. Now life is easier and more fun too.

Good Fortune!


P.S. Have you ever thought about how you've been programmed since you were a kid to accept whatever life hands you? That's a blueprint - it is not a fact. Everyone inherits one. Now it is up to you to change it into the blueprint for a life you WANT. Not the one you inherited.

The videos explain exactly how to do it. The 6 Mind Movies are FREE.

Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle Explain It All--RE-Program Your Thinking!

Be sure to share this email with your friends and family
so that they can also learn how to discover the life they long
for -- and get 6 Free Mind Movies and training videos at the same time.
They'll thank you for it!

Good Fortune Company, 2350 Chumash Rd, Malibu, CA 90265, USA

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