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Monday, December 12, 2011

8 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season - Giving is Always Better Than Receiving.

8 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

One of the biggest holiday highlights is to do something special for someone else. There are some great opportunities for us to help and give back to our communities this holiday season. You could choose your favorite way in which to give, or read along and try a new way to delight someone in need this year.


1. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, hospital, or retirement facility.

Give the gift of your time, brighten someone’s day, and help out in whatever capacity you can.


2. Give a toy through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree or the Marine’s Toys for Tots.

A child will love receiving a toy you pick out and donate through the Toys for Tots program. There are drop off locations in retailers and even schools. If you want to pick out a gift for a specific child, you can visit your local retailer and see if they have a giving tree. Alternatively, you can shop online through The Salvation Army’s Angel Giving Tree presented by JCPenney. You can also take new unwrapped toys to hospitals and firehouses where they will be given to children who will love them. 


3. Build a home through Habitat for Humanity.

People can still put up walls in cold weather, so visit Habitat for Humanity or a local home building organization, and find out where a house is going up in your area.


4. Donate gently used items.

Organizations like Goodwill, Princess Project, and local homeless shelters need gently used clothing, dresses, and bedding.


5. Donate food or help cook a meal.

By setting up collections, your local grocery stores make it easy to help a family in need of a good, nutritious holiday meal. 


6. Adopt a pet.

Adopt a lovable pet from a shelter and give it a good home. If someone you know would like to have a pet for the holiday, consider giving a gift card to the shelter to cover the cost of adoption, or help out with supplies. An individual or family will love being able to pick out the pet that is right for them.


7. Teach a child a new skill and help them make a gift.

If you know how to knit, crochet, sew, scrapbook, or do anything else that is crafty, you can help a child learn a new skill, and also help them make a gift. This will be a gift that will last them a lifetime. Volunteer with a school, Boys & Girls Club, library, hospital, or homeless shelter to share your idea. Create a small kit that the child can use to make a gift and then keep it.


8. Give gifts that give back.

If someone you know supports a charity, or you want to give a gift to a charity in someone’s name, or, you want to give a unique gift that will help others, here are a few organizations to look into: Boys Town, Bead for Life, Build a Nest, Global Goods Partners, and Lush

8 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season - Giving is Always Better Than Receiving.
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