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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Haven't Found The Perfect Christmas Tree Yet? Inside Mr. Greentrees, one of LA’s oldest Christmas tree lots.

Mr. Greentree's Christmas tree -> Greenacres on Benedict Canyon (aka Ron Burkle's house)

Welcome to the home of Mr. Greentrees, one of LA’s longest lasting Christmas tree stores … and a second generation business that was handed down mother to daughter. This is the same lo-cal that also brings you Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch during Halloween and we’ve been asking them for ‘bunny land’ at Easter, but we’ll see … Rebecca Campbell who started the company, and works on a CHRISTMAS TREE FARM (!!) up in Oregon, is like a young Mrs. Claus with fluffy blonde hair (it’s almost tinsel silver!) and a pretty face and tons of stories about Christmas — and LA families who buy her trees (now her daughter’s trees).

She can tell you anything — like why you can’t find a silver tip, the Rolls Royce of xmas trees, in Los Angeles anymore (it’s because they grow at much higher elevations and are therefore much more expensive than lower elevation trees and of course the popular preference is a more bushy tree), but she also knows about LA people and what kind of trees they like. We spotted a few interesting name tags going to LA homes like Ms. Huffington (she actually had 2 tagged!!) and Greenacres, a Benedict Canyon estate currently owned by billionaire Ron Burkle who has been known to throw quite the ragers at his home with A list entertainment like Mariah Carey.

#TruffleNotes: The original owner of the house, Harold Lloyd, had a room dedicated for Christmas and his tree was kept up year round.

Mr. Greentrees was formerly located on Wilshire in Holmy Hills. Their first Christmas open, the property owner said the lot would be developed for condos the following year but it took a decade to get permits and so Mr. Greentrees remained there for ten years :)

Today they are on Doheny just above Santa Monica Blvd and give out gift certificates to the neighbors to please excuse them for the noise and extra traffic and general Cirque du Noel they bring along each year. The entire staff lives out of trailers along the white tent that looks like a big top and one employee is dedicated to keeping a small hot dog cart up and running for the 20+ employees working the lot from Nov. 25 – Dec. 25 each year.


Tell them the Truffle sent you!!

702 North Doheny Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069
310.276.9827 or
Open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM.

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Huffington tree

Huffington tree


Haven't Found The Perfect Christmas Tree Yet? Inside Mr. Greentrees, one of LA’s oldest Christmas tree lots.
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