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Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Make the Kids’ Table Fun for the Holidays.

How to Make the Kids’ Table Fun for the Holidays

Many people have fond memories of sitting at the kids’ table for holiday dinners. You can make it fun for your own children by making the table as festive as the one where the grownups eat.



Tablecloths and Placemats


Put as much effort into decorating the kids’ table as you do the adults table. Use tablecloths and placemats; just make sure they are kid-friendly. Alternatively, use paper to cover the table, so the kids can draw or color on it. You can buy large rolls of paper from the newspaper office for only a dollar or two. Tear off the size you need and place crayons in a cup in the middle.


If you prefer a traditional tablecloth, choose one with color rather than white. Kids like bright objects and will enjoy sitting at a festive table. Use solid colors and patterns together to create interest. You can choose plaids, stripes, or polka dots to make the table look fun to a child.


You can also let the kids make name cards for each person at the table. They can color the cards, or use stickers or water paint to create pictures that are unique to each name.



The Centerpiece


A centerpiece will brighten the kids’ table, but you will have to make sure it isn’t breakable or hazardous. Keep it low enough so the kids can talk to each other and move around without knocking it over.  


Food always makes a popular centerpiece for kids. You can use fruits or a plate of cookies or cupcakes. The kids can help decorate the cupcakes with bright colors and sprinkles.


Another option is to let the kids pick out some tree decorations and put them on the table; balls and ribbon are festive touches and not dangerous. You can add greenery and pine cones along the length of the table with red bows. It won’t take up much room, while still looking attractive.



Party Favors


Think about keeping the kids entertained while the adults finish their meal and visit when choosing party favors. You could buy mini-books to put at each place with pencils or markers for them to draw and color.


Finger puppets don’t cost much and allow the kids to play while sitting at the table. You can also provide small gifts, such as their own ornaments, that they can take home with them. They will enjoy looking at it and comparing with each other while they eat. Small travel games or pieces of jewelry make nice party gifts and are not too expensive.


Old-fashioned blackboards can be a fun alternative to keeping kids entertained at the dinner table. Anything that is different from what they usually have to play with will hold their interest.


Making the children’s table a fun place will go a long way in keeping them seated for their dinner. Involve your kids in decorating the table by making simple crafts, and the kids’ dinner table will hold even more memories in the future.

How to Make the Kids’ Table Fun for the Holidays.
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