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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Surviving Stress at Christmas!

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Hello everyone!

Are you ready for the Season of good cheer?This year I am determined to avoid stress at Christmas and focus on the more simple things in life. My family are all trying to be frugal this year, no silly gadget presents or extras that are of no real use! The economy has affected us all, even my youngest who is quite happy that we all chipped in to buy him a keyboard and so he gets just one present he really wants this year. I have to confess I did buy him a couple of books but I am so proud of how much he reads I couldn’t resist!

Christmas Proof your Relationshipstress at christmas

– Say  NO to Stress at Christmas

This is not always a good time of year for relationships. There is so much stress at Christmas; everyone expecting it to be days of fun and entertainment. All too often we try so hard that it becomes unnatural. This puts a strain on our relationships and the inevitable rows follow.

Add in the danger zone that is the office party and inevitably, stress at Christmas can become Infidelity at Christmas. It is a time of year when the emotional affair threatens to become more serious. Perhaps it is the knowledge that Christmas is a time to be with those you love that triggers so many rash moments?

So how do you protect yourself against the inevitable strain on finances and emotions that a family Christmas can bring?

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10 Tips to Avoid Stress at Christmas

  1. PLAN the next few days -write a list of all that needs to be done
  2. Do not expect everything to be perfect! It does not matter if Grandma falls asleep in the afternoon or if your partner does not want to wear his best clothes on Christmas Day.
  3. Don’t overdo the alcohol! Drink fuels arguments and too often we say the wrong thing when we have drunk too much.
  4. Spread out the children’s presents – they should appreciate each one, and their enjoyment will last longer if you keep a few items back for later in the day. If they insist on opening them all in a frenzied rush, put some aside while they are distracted then bring them out later.
  5. Take Christmas slowly where possible – try to make the meal last, and pace yourself on eating. Too much rich food all at once will make you sluggish and grumpy!
  6. Make sure you have a full first aid kit. Christmas is a peak time for accidents, tummy upsets, headaches and minor injuries!
  7. Build in some quiet time for yourself – you will appreciate the holiday far more if you get a chance to relax on your own
  8. Set aside some time for just you and your partner, perhaps exchange your presents at midnight when everyone else is asleep and you can truly show your appreciation
  9. Don’t decide to voice suspicions or anxieties about infidelity when you have a house full of people. That is not fair on your guests and your partner will become defensive and angry. Now it the time to bite your lip and put on  a brave face.
  10. Be kind to yourself. if this is the first Christmas since discovering and affair, or your relationship is rocky. Remember you are not superhuman; so don’t try to do everything on your own – ask for help!

Christmas should be a time for families and friends. A time to remember magical happenings and hold the ones you love close.

For those of you surviving infidelity, stress at Christmas is likely but not inevitable if you take the necessary precautions!



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Surviving Stress at Christmas!
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