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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Slash's House: Rock Star Lists Spanish Beverly Hills Mansion in Beverly Hills for $9.5 Million.

Slash Selling Beverly Hills Mansion

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Price: $9,500,000
Size: 10,971 sq ft
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 8

Slash (Guns ‘N Roses guitarist) and wife Perla Hudson plan to sell their home in Beverly Hills, California. When they purchased the house in March 2009, they wrote a check for $7,300,000 and now have it up for sale as a pocket listing for $9,500,000.

While they did change all the décor, that’s quite a profit for just holding it close to three years. If you aren’t sure what a pocket listing is, it’s a fancy way of saying it’s not on Multiple Listing Service. It protects the owner from curiosity seekers with no intention of purchasing the property.

This quasi-Spanish influenced home has interior that matches. If you like that type of décor, grab your checkbook or local banker and mosey over to see it. It offers dark colors with lots of deep red throughout. The floors are ebony finished adding to the almost depressingly dark interior, but still reflecting the Spanish influence with almost bullfighter tones.

The kitchen is a bright spot in the house for those of us that love to let in the light. It offers the same deep mahogany floors but is a creamy light off white with only a slight splash of bullfighter red sprinkled on the valences. It’s the warmest, friendliest room in the house and looks like the Spanish version of the Waltons should be around the table waiting for Grandma to serve vitals ala burritos.

There’s plenty of oven space for those meals to cook since the kitchen has four ovens. You don’t have to unload the dishwasher right away either; there are four of them available. You just need to buy extra dishes if you’re a bit on the lazy side.

Some of the quirkier decorating choices are a fringe-trimmed sofa adorned with leopard fabric and a crocodile skin table, which may be real crocodile or simply a look-alike material. There’s even a table lamp made from a tiny suit of armor, if animal skins aren’t your fave.

More Pictures of Slash’s Beverly Hills Mansion

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Slash's House: Rock Star Lists Spanish Beverly Hills Mansion in Beverly Hills for $9.5 Million.
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