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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tips for a Happier Home.

Tips for a Happier Home

Imagine a happy, harmonious environment for your wonderful family, as an inspiration to create a welcoming home! 

A great place to begin would be the entrance to your home; a charming porch, or front door displaying a seasonal, whimsical wreath with colors and themes that reflect your interests. Bird watchers would, for example, enjoy a wreath with beautiful birds, flowers, and a miniature bird house. These days many stores stock big varieties of wreaths all year round. Right now is also the perfect time to find low prices on different styles of porch furniture at many of your favorite stores. Go for what you love in color and design, and buy as many coordinating pieces as you can afford. Look for calming, graceful curves in furniture design. Choose a color scheme you love and it will please your eyes for years to come. Consider a grouping that includes a table to set down mugs of hot chocolate for a nice treat, with a couple of chairs for mom and dad (or a parent and child) to spend time together and discuss the last week’s events. 

As your family enters your home, you’ll want them to feel glad that they are home. One way to encourage happy home vibes is to put time and attention into designing an inviting living room; lots of sunny windows, high vaulting, and clean white walls. You can also include colorful accents that reflect your hobbies and interests. Furniture with curves should also be used in the living room since it creates an inviting feel. 

Whimsical touches can also add interest to your home. During the fall, you can add fanciful decorations or pumpkins for a cheerful look. If you are dealing with a smaller space, use colors that give a bold look. Adding a splash of color can be enough to open up the room a little bit.

One room in your house should be designated as a flow room. This is where your family can gather to relax and unwind. In this room you can skip the clocks, TVs, computers and cell phones so that you can have a calm and connecting environment. Your family can use this room to bond over a meal, play a board game together, or even just sit and read without being distracted. 

Losing the distractions in the bedroom can also be helpful. Taking away bright lights, including lights from computers, TVs, and alarm clocks, can make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. If you enjoy reading in bed to relax before falling asleep, keep books and magazines nearby, and also have a lamp next to the bed. That way, when you are ready to sleep, you do not have to get up to turn off a bright light.

Creating a hallway or room that includes photo albums or framed photos can create connections too. A study, family room, or even a wall or nook near the bedroom is ideal for family photos, awards, and a woven basket filled with recent outstanding report cards, school assignments or even newsletters from family. Seeing these family items bring you joy because they remind you of all the wonderful experiences you have shared as a family.

Tips for a Happier Home.
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