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Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Fashion Preview

2013 Fashion Preview

As we begin 2013, it’s time to look at the latest in fashion. Trends about what would be popular on the runway and on the streets were predicted all the way back in the summer of 2012. Here’s a look at what’s expected to be hot this year.

Floral Dresses

It’s time to celebrate your feminine side with belted floral dresses. From big flowers to small prints, you can expect to see softer, more feminine looks in the office this year. These dresses fall from just above the knee to mid-calf and can transition from the office to anywhere else.

A Change in Tops

Two trends you can follow in tops are the lack of a collar and modern tees. The shirts will lose the collar for a more relaxed look, whether it’s a low neckline or one that settles above the collarbone. You will also see t-shirts with a different, dressier look in new fabrics.


To go with the new outfits, you have to get the right accessories. The top trends this season are both fun and practical. One item that will be hot is called the document clutch, a small purse that is large enough to hold a notebook or tablet. They make an elegant accessory for evening events while keeping you in touch with the world.

Baseball caps are also expected to be popular with women and make a stylish accessory for those bad-hair days. Expect cowboy boots to make a comeback this year, but these are nothing like you would expect. They provide more dazzle with a modern design in leather and clear plastic. Cutaways provide a stylish look and reptile skin will also be trendy.

Jewelry will be bold with the arm cuff making a major statement. You will see everything from metal to chains. Jewels and color accents will add a bright touch and let you make it your only accessory for a bold but simple statement.

Other Trends

Water is a theme you will see incorporated into designs this year. From photo prints on dresses to various blues, the soothing cool tones will provide inspiration for many outfits. At the same time, expect to see plenty of neutrals with simple elegance as the theme. Feminine styles and materials will highlight the season with soft silks and pretty lace. However, you can expect to see some metal and leather gracing the runway to provide plenty of variety.

One trend that may only be for the bold is stripes. Nonetheless, you will find plenty of variety for everyone that will suit all body styles and personalities. You can go as bold or subtle as you want and still be part of the newest trend.

This year’s fashions are about comfort, style, and fun. There is something for everyone on the runways in 2013.

2013 Fashion Preview

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