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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Craziest Stories of 2012

Craziest Stories of 2012

From the Olympics to presidential politics to Superstorm Sandy, 2012 had its fair share of ups and downs. If there’s one thing we can learn from 2012, it’s that life is unpredictable. Here’s our roundup of the wildest, most improbable stories to grace the headlines.   

Vampire in Seattle

This is not the title of the latest young adult fantasy novel, but a story about a real person. A 21-year-old from Seattle, Wash., posted an advertisement looking for a blood donor to slake his thirst. On the craigslist posting, the individual wrote, “Greetings to everyone who is reading this. I am unable to give my name for obvious reasons, but all you do need to know is that I am a vampire. I am in need of a blood donor for my personal use.” 

Wedding Barks, Not Bells

There is a new twist to the old wedding adage: wear something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something that barks. This year, two pet owners threw a matrimonial celebration for their pets, Baby Hope Diamond and Chilly Pasternak. Wedding guests and their pets partied long and hard at the Central Park ceremony, in what’s now the most expensive pet wedding in history; costing almost $160,000. 

Death by Cockroach

This story is as grizzly as it is revolting, so here’s a fair warning for the easily queasy. In Florida, a 32-year-old man named Edward Archbold won an insect-eating contest by ingesting dozens of large cockroaches. Sadly, Archbold promptly died after the contest. According to the medical examiner, he choked to death. Although Archbold’s death is as unusual as it is tragic, he was considered the ‘life of the party’ by his friends. 

Art Restoration Project Totally Botched

In an attempt to restore a faded fresco by 19th-century artist Elías García Martínez, amateur artist Cecilia Giménez sent Spain in an uproar over her botched restoration. According to the New York Times, “Ms. Giménez said she had worked on the fresco using a 10-year-old picture of it, but she eventually left Jesus with a half-beard and, some say, a monkeylike appearance.”

Craziest Stories of 2012

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