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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Home for the Golden Globe Awards - Beautiful Beverly Hills California 90210


This weekend Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will play host to the Golden Globe Awards on NBC, but a familiar place is once again where the Globes will call home: The Beverly Hilton.

Since 1961, the Beverly Hilton has been home to what is often referred to as one of the best parties in Hollywood, the Golden Globe Awards. Instead of the usual theatre seating at awards events, the Golden Globes has the nominees sitting at various round tables where they often mix and mingle throughout the program. 

The Beverly Hilton The Home for the Golden Globe Awards

The entrance to the Beverly Hilton

While those who make their way through the hotel on Sunday night are sure to have some stories to tell, the Beverly Hilton has some of its own. The hotel located at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles could write its own tell-all book about some of the renowned events that have taken there even outside of hosting the annual Golden Globe Awards.

The hotel has played host to the Annual Academy Awards Governor’s Ball. It also was the home for Richard Nixon’s last press conference in which he angrily shouted at reporters following his 1962 defeat in the governor’s race. On the more scandalous side of things, the Beverly Hilton was also at the center of the scandalous affair of Senator John Edwards, and it was also the place where Whitney Houston died.

Clive Davis’ has also been known to make the Beverly Hilton the home for his pre-Grammy party where the top names in music always make an appearance.

pool at the beverly hilton The Home for the Golden Globe Awards

Poolside at the Beverly Hilton

With over 500 rooms, 101 suites, 7 floors and 3 restaurants, the Beverly Hilton is as impressive a home for Hollywood’s greatest events as any place you’ll come across.

So on Sunday night on NBC, while you’re watching Angelina Jolie show off her Versace dress, acting not surprised when Lincoln wins best picture, and of course checking out the Coldwell Banker TV spot airing on the show, you’ll now have a little more insight into the home that hosts the first big Hollywood event of the year.


Images courtesy of The Beverly Hilton Hotel

The Home for the Golden Globe Awards - Beautiful Beverly Hills California 90210

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