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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

9 Awesome Gifts for Your Bosses, Employees and Coworkers

9 Awesome Gifts for Your Bosses, Employees and Coworkers

Office holiday parties are just around corner, which means it’s time for the never-ending quest for the perfect gift for your colleagues and work family. Here are some awesome gifts that will make you the office super Santa.

1. Board Games

The board game has always been a classic gift, and this year is no different. Our favorite game is Bananagrams, a more intense version of Scrabble that can be played anywhere. There’s technically no “board,” as the game is played with lettered tiles. It is by far the best game to take while travelling, which makes for a perfect holiday gift. 

2. Bonsai Trees

These simple, peaceful plants are the perfect addition to any office desk. They are always unique and can become great conversation pieces when taken care of properly. 

3. Travel Mugs

Nine out of ten people in your office probably drink coffee or tea. Travel coffee mugs and tea tumblers are great gifts because you can make them as customized as you need. If you’re buying a present for a gift exchange, get a travel mug that’s more neutral, so it may be suitable for anyone at the office. 

4. Candles

If you work in a high stress job, aromatic and stress-relieving candles are great gifts for your office mates. And if your workplace doesn’t allow candles in the office, it’s a gift that can always be used at home. 

5. Smartphone Dock

If you’re looking to impress a boss or colleague, getting them a smartphone dock for their desk could be your ticket to a boatload of brownie points. For a phone dock that’s silly but makes a statement, check out this docking station in the style of a retro rotary phone

6. Unique Office Supplies

Everyone at the office needs paper, tape dispensers, staplers, etc. Holiday work parties are the perfect time to make the workplace a little more visually appealing by spicing up your coworker’s desk with this nifty tape dispenser. For the easily distracted colleague, you could get this maze pen.

7. Journals, Notebooks

What if you gave Mark Zuckerberg the notepad where he originally wrote down the idea for Facebook? Give the gift of inspiration to your coworkers this holiday season with notebooks and journals, like the “Big Secrets, Brilliant Ideas” journal from Kate Spade. Moleskine also makes great notepads for the office’s resident idea man (or woman).

8. Homebrewing Kit

Your business partner recently mentioned he wanted to try homebrewing his own beer. So why not get him a homebrewing kit to say thanks for all the hard work this year? The Brooklyn Brew Shop sells a winning beer making kit for $50. It’s a great way to say thank you while remembering that life does exist outside the office. 

9. Chocolates

When all else fails, you can always give sweet treats to your coworkers and employees. Get a dozen or so gourmet chocolates (truffles, fudge, drops) from your local bakery or chocolate bar. And don’t forget to get yourself a little treat, too.

9 Awesome Gifts for Your Bosses, Employees and Coworkers

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