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Friday, December 7, 2012

Thank you so much Noisecut for this awesome article about me! Super Agent: Christophe Choo - Noisecut

One question I’m asked often is: “Who is the most visible luxury real estate agent on social media?” Without hesitating, I answer: Christophe Choo. Christophe is with Coldwell Banker Previews in Beverly Hills, and year after year ranks as one of the top agents in the country. (Yes, you might call him a busy guy.) Here is someone who has taken social media marketing to a whole other level. We’re not just talking Facebook and Twitter. We’re talking all over the place. Every. Single. Day.

If Christophe is so busy, how does he do it? Social media is incorporated into his every day routine. If he’s eating at Villa Blanca, he’s checked in at Foursquare and recommending an entree. If he’s driving through an exclusive neighborhood, he’s recording a video for YouTube and giving you the sales history of each estate. If he’s standing on top of a building and there’s a nice view, it’s on Instagram five seconds later. I love getting updates from Christophe because I never know what he’s going to post next. With social media – that’s the point.

To those who are looking to relocate, it’s obvious that Christophe knows all about living a luxury lifestyle in Beverly Hills and the surrounding area. You never have to research his bio to find the popular catch phrase “I’m an expert in the area,” to realize this either. He shows you in a million different ways that he is.

There are many avenues you can use to demonstrate to your potential clients that you know your stuff, whether it’s an app that uses a check in feature, pictures, video or all three. You don’t have to adopt every app or service that is out there, but find one or two that you can work with and commit yourself to daily postings that will showcase your knowledge. Make sure to be yourself, and make sure that your personality shines through…. and if you need help in figuring out how it’s done, watch Christophe.

Thank you so much Noisecut for this awesome article about me! Super Agent: Christophe Choo - Noisecut

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