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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inside Look at HGTV's Selling LA Season 3 with Christophe Choo | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter


selling LA logo Inside Look at HGTVs Selling LA Season 3 with Christophe Choo

The hit HGTV show Selling LA is back for a third season and premieres on Friday, December 14th at 6 pm EST. It just so happens that one of my favorite people, and also a Coldwell Banker agent, Christophe Choo is one of the stars of the show. So I thought we’d catch up with the Beverly Hills luxury agent to go behind the scenes and see what’s on tap for Selling LA this season.

The title of the show is Selling LA which is a perfect match for what you do every day. What’s it like selling real estate in LA?
I love Los Angeles, being a native Angelino which is so rare for me to live and work in such a beautiful place with perfect weather, being able to see and sell some of the finest homes in the world is a true luxury that I adore. It is a lot of hard work, planning and implementation but on the other hand a lot of fun, and I am surrounded by beautiful homes and architecture.

From knowing you the last few years I know you truly love your job. What’s the favorite part of the job for you?
It’s definitely having the opportunity to meet such amazing clients from all over the world, getting to know them and their lifestyles. Luckily I get to travel quite a bit and experience their lives in their other homes around the world. I guess my favorite part is not knowing what to expect everyday and having amazing miracles happen from out of nowhere.

Give us the insider look at the season premiere. What can we expect from Selling LA this season?
For this years season premiere, I have some VIP clients looking to upgrade from their $5 million Bel Air home to a $10 – $12 million property. My client is one of the top Real Estate lawyers in Los Angeles and there were some challenges involved in this deal as it took over 2 months to make it happen. But I am very persistent and I worked very hard with the other agent to strategize and make it happen. What I love about this new Selling LA season is that there are actual sales that happen and close. Often on real estate shows they don’t make the deal.

People probably have assumptions about being on a TV show. What’s the biggest thing people don’t realize is involved with making a TV show?
The biggest thing is the amount of time and effort it takes to create an episode. Our Selling LA episodes are usually two story lines in a 1/2 hour segment. So to get about 12 minutes of air time usually takes 5-7 different shooting days and about 25-27 hours of my time. It looks so easy but frankly it is a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.

New season of Selling LA and pretty soon we will be ushering in a new year. What’s your New Years resolution for 2013?
That’s a good question, my resolution is to work smarter and do more planning and continue to build on the great systems and structures I have in my business. Personally, I would like to take better care of myself physically, exercise more and have a healthier diet. You need a strong mind and body to perform at a high level in any business and especially in the stressful world of real estate. Lastly, enjoy life more, have more fun and not sweat the small stuff as usually the things we tend to worry about never happen.

I think I might steal Christophe’s new year’s resolution for myself…Don’t miss Coldwell Banker agent, Christophe Choo, on the season premiere of Selling LA on Friday, 12/14, at 6 pm EST on HGTV!

Inside Look at HGTV's Selling LA Season 3 with Christophe Choo | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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