If Gucci, Louis and Coach are commonly dropped names by a certain someone on your holiday gift list, chances are you’re dealing with a fashionista. Sure it’s not a real word, but you know what I’m talking about.

While their closets may be filled with designer labels, here are some gift ideas to turn their home into the glamorous envy you know they want it to be.

The Sunglasses Mirror

looking good sunglasses mirror thabto Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Fashionista

Every fashionista has to have an amazing pair of sunglasses. So why shouldn’t their home have a pair too? You could say this mirror is “spec-tacular.” Available from British designer Thabto for £200.

The Apollo Cushion from Versace

 versace cushion Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Fashionista

What says home style more than a well coordinated pillow on the couch? Now if that pillow is from the amazing Versace Collection, is made of pure silk, and happens to have the Roman god Apollo on it? That’s just priceless. Ok, it’s not priceless. It will cost you $275.

Kate Spade “Make Headlines” Hors D’Ouevres Tray

kate spade tray Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Fashionista

Serve up that signature Kate Spade style at every house party with this signature hors d’ouevres tray. It’s fashionable and practical, plus a great conversation piece. Available from Kate Spade for $75.

Sicis Lamp Sculpture

 sicis lamp sculpture Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Fashionista

Works of art often are a ray of light in any home. Well, this work of art will actually produce light if plugged into an outlet. From Italian designer, Sicis, this lamp sculpture is an exquisite mosaic sculpted into a diva styled form. Price available upon request at Sicis.it.

Armani Cleo Umbrella Stand

armani umbrella stand Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Fashionista

So you’re fashionista doesn’t have a designer label umbrella stand in the foyer of their home? Ha! Now they can. If you have to ask the price, it’s obvious you can’t afford it. Available from Armani.